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Any way to make my "main" taskbar, appear on a specific "split" portion of my 1 screen?

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Title, I have 1 monitor physically, but i'm using the split feature to make it seem like i have 3 monitors. (it's an ultrawide) the main taskbar with the search functionality will always be shown in the middle split portion of the 3, is there any way for me to move this one to the other split portions?

Attached images of what is is now, but i want the search function to be on the left most portion
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Sep 1, 2018  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
There sure is! In the Settings > Advanced Settings window, put the split ID in the "Taskbar: Windows Taskbar Split Monitor ID" option, then apply the Settings and restart DisplayFusion.

Hope that helps!
Sep 6, 2018  • #2
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I have a couple of questions along similar lines. Since this fits well I thought I could reply here. I hope this triggeres a pop-up somewhere.

1) Is there a way to still have the taskbar across the entire width of the screen at the bottom? That is with the buttons and functionality only showing on the main Screen like it is in my attached picture. (see Paint skills)

-> While writing this I realised that my original of phrasing this would lead to a problem. I wanted to say show the taskbar on all screens and only have the functionality on one, but in setups with multiple monitors above one another (for example one top left, bottom left and a big screen on the right for multitasking) this would lead to taskbars everywhere...

2) Is there a way to set a different "preferred split" to host the taskbar for different display split profiles? In my example (the three display split) I want the taskbar on 1.2 but in another one (top left, bottom left - big middle - top right, bottom right) for example I would want the taskbar on 1.3 to be on the "main" screen. Can the setting be linked to the profile somehow?


• Attachment [protected]: Central_Taskbar_Example.png [360,359 bytes]
Aug 20, 2020  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
The first one is possible, if you disable the "Taskbars" checkbox in the "DisplayFusion Monitor Configuration > Use these features with split monitors" section.

The second one isn't possible, unfortunately. That split monitor ID advanced setting is a global setting.

Please let us know if you have any further questions at all.

Aug 22, 2020  • #4
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I think I failed to get my point across and my paint document was kinda misleading. When I disable the taskbar option on the monitor config screen the taskbar goes across the entire screen, but the buttons (windows main botton and attached programs) are bound to the leftmost screen (1.1) regardless of "Taskbar: Windows Taskbar Split Monitor ID"-setting being 1.2.

What i meant and what i tried to paint was this: The taskbar stays the same way it is on the screenshot (only functional on 1.2) but the red /// areas get "filled" with the taskbar/taskbar color as well, in order to make all screens look more even. This would be purely for aesthetics. However I don't think this is possible. But for my usecase I found a workaround. I have now enabled window fading in the given monitor and this way I don't see the "cutoff" of the taskbar as much.

If possible I would however suggest adding the "Taskbar: Windows Taskbar Split Monitor ID"-option as a "non-global" option in the monitor setup screen or allow it to be changed while DF is running via a macro so that it can be changed together with switching monitor configs that way. I think that feature would really improve the monitor configuration system, as having to drag your mouse all the way over an ultrawide screen gets really annoying but depeding on setups the same split monitor won't be the one best suited for the taskbar.

Thank you for your reaction tho. I must say I really appreciate the communication on this Board. Much better than the auto generated bullshit most "big" tech companys pull these days... <3



EDIT: I just noticed an issue. When the options are set like described above (split monitor congfiguration with taskbar option set to 1.2 and taskbars enabled in the monitor config this happens when opening the windows start menu (see attached). The menu itself is out of position for the taskbar that is displayed. Is this a known issue or did I make a mistake in my setup?
• Attachment [protected]: menu_issue.png [1,887,962 bytes]
Aug 22, 2020 (modified Aug 22, 2020)  • #5
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Ah ok, thanks for clarifying! There isn't currently a way to do that, as we don't have control over the elements on the Windows taskbar. If we added a taskbar mode for the DisplayFusion taskbar that makes it never show any taskbar buttons, you could then enable the DF taskbars and just remove all of the elements for them. If you think that would work, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it to our feature request list.

Regarding the Start menu, I'll be testing that out this week and I'll keep you posted on what I find out.

Aug 25, 2020  • #6
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I think the "taskbar mode" you describe would go a long way. It would allow for what I tried to accomplish in all cases except when there are multiple monitors stacked above each other (as then there would be a taskbar in the middle of the physical monitor). I actually thought about that feature before I had an ultrawide just because I found the windows elements redundant before when I used two physical monitors. So that would be appreciated.

Regarding the start menu issue: Thanks a lot.
Aug 26, 2020  • #7
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Ok, no worries! You can remove taskbars from individual monitors as well, by right-clicking the DF taskbar and choosing Multi-Monitor Taskbar > Position > Disabled
Aug 26, 2020  • #8
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
When I test that scenario with the start menu, it seems to work ok for me. Is it still broken after a reboot?
Aug 26, 2020  • #9
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First of all: Thanks for letting me know that you can disable the DF taskbars individually. That helps a lot actually.
Secondly: This also solved the menu issue.
I had the following settings:
Monitor Configuration -> 1 Physical monitor split in 3 DF monitors, Features "Taskbars" "Window management" and "Monitor fading" CHECKED; Advanced settings -> Windows Taskbar Split Monitor ID "1.2"; Taskbars (Tab on main app) -> "Enable Multi-Monitor Taskbars" UNCHECKED. This resulted in the task menu on not above the taskbar (as shown in the screenshot).

What solved the issue:
Taskbar (Tab on main app) -> "Enable Multi-Monitor Taskbars" CHECKED; then manually removing the two DF taskbars on DF monitor 1.1 and 1.3.

Due to the Windows Taskbar Split Monitor ID the "real" windows taskbar stays on 1.2 and then the menu appears directly above it like it should. I did not know you could remove the DF taskbars before and the settings explained above were the only way I found to only show the taskbar on DF monitor 1.2 and not on the others. So my workaround was the issue. Unless you tried your troubleshoot with the same settings as explained. Then I don't know. Restarting did not "fix" the problem in the first explained setup.

This also means the option to remove the buttons from DF taskbars would be a solution to what I described in the very first post so that would be a nice addition to add onto the request list.

Greetings and thanks a lot for your support. I have to really commend you again for how active this board is. Fantastic customer support. I wish all my friends had ultrawides or multi monitor setups so I could recommend you to them.
Aug 27, 2020  • #10
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I am truly sorry but I have experienced another bug.

In the "new" settings as explained above (checking multi monitor taskbars in the main settings; rest the same) it seems starting and or alt+tab'ing a fullscreen application (such as a video game in my case) leads to the windows start button bugging out and not showing anymore. It can also not be clicked. Additionally, when opening the start menu using the windows key on a keyboard the menu again opens in the wrong position. The same happens when the seachbar (which can still be clicked unlike the invisible start button) is used by clicking it.
• Attachment [protected]: New_bug.png [1,411,916 bytes]
Aug 27, 2020  • #11
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I can't help myself. I have found another similar bug. When clicking the "network" or "speaker/audio output" buttons in the taskbar the windows that open don't open over the taskbar. The calender and keyboard language (DEU in my case) open above the taskbar as expected however. The notification tab does not. See attached.
• Attachment [protected]: New_bug2.png [509,778 bytes]
Aug 27, 2020  • #12
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Wow, that's super weird! I've never run into that before. I'll do some testing here to see if I can reproduce the same issue.
Aug 27, 2020  • #13
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Things that might be helpful:

1) The fullscreen application did use a display resolution other than the default option for the monitor. (2560*1440 instead of 3440*1440 [physical monitor] or 1920*1440 [DF monitor 1.2]). I was not able to reproduce the bugged out start button though.

2) The start menu issue seems to work like this (it happened again even on the new settings with multi monitor taskbar checked): When starting windows the start menu is in the correct position (no DF monitor setup active OR DF monitor setup active that has the "taskbar" UNCHECKED in the monitor preset -> normal big windows taskbar). However, once a DF monitor setup is loaded that utilises the "windows taskbar split monitor id" setting the main menu will continue to open in the position that the "1.2" taskbar was in. Even when changing back to a DF monitor setup that has the taskbar option unchecked and has only 1 big normal windows task bar.
Aug 27, 2020  • #14
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Ah yep! I can reproduce #2 here as well. I've added this to our list to fix up

Aug 28, 2020  • #15
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