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"Selection window" for Switching / toggling profiles possible? (Virtual Pinball / BigBox game apps)

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I have a 3 monitor virtual pinball wood cabinet setup where I intend to play a) virtual pinball using all three monitors but I also want to use this cabinet for b) shooting games that use only one of the monitors.

The problem is to toggle between these two types of usage. Just using Windows 10 I can't get those two things to work side by side, it totally messes up my monitor setup.

Can DisplayFusion handle that? I'll buy it right away!

What would be the best way? I'm dreaming of starting up the computer and there's a selection window:

1 pinball
2 shooting
3 desktop

(not possible, I guess).

Or whenever I launch the two respective apps (PinballX and BigBox) DisplayFusion automatically handles the monitors for each app. Is that possible?

And one more thing: In both apps you have to set up which monitor is which game window, would DisplayFusion somehow override that (or would it need to)?

Thanks so much in advance for anybody who could help me out here as a prospective customer.

Aug 8, 2022  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Alex,

It sounds like our monitor profiles would be able to help you out for enabling/disabling monitors. You can view our guide on that here:

You can create a trigger in DisplayFusion to load each monitor profile when you launch a specific application as well.

If the games are being run in windowed mode, you can specify the monitor they move to when launched in the trigger as well. If they are being run in full screen, most games will default to your primary monitor, there isn't really anything we can do there.

Hope that helps!
Aug 8, 2022  • #2
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