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Windows 11 Known Issues

Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

Our current beta, 10.0 (beta 6), contains all our updates for Windows 11. While we are still working through the full list of issues, the core features in DisplayFusion do work and have been tested.

This is the current list of known issues, which we'll be keeping up to date as we find more issues, and also as we find workarounds and resolutions for them.

Thank you for your patience while we work through these issues!

  • DisplayFusion taskbar needs a "Center" option for the start button Fixed in 10.0 Beta 19
  • Clicking the network/volume tray icons does nothing Fixed in 10.0 Beta 8
  • DisplayFusion start menu opens with primary monitor scaling Fixed in 10.0 Beta 18
  • Right clicking a DisplayFusion start menu will open on the Windows taskbar
  • Last digit of date is cut off on DisplayFusion taskbars if primary monitor is set to 150% scaling, and 100% scaling on secondary monitor Fixed in 10.0 beta 9
  • Second click on DisplayFusion start button re-opens menu instead of closing it Fixed in 10.0 beta 7
  • Network icon on DisplayFusion taskbar shows as disconnected Fixed in v9.9
  • DisplayFusion Alt+Tab needs to be updated to match Windows 11
  • Hovering the maximize button on a window will make the snap window disappear Fixed in 10.0 Beta 19
  • After opening Start menu on DisplayFusion taskbar, next open on Windows taskbar makes the Start menu open on the left, instead of centred
  • Windows drop behind DisplayFusion taskbar Fixed in 10.0 Beta 16. A prompt to restart explorer when this issue happens will now appear.
  • Windows change position/size when DF taskbar is added/removed. Due to a Windows feature, not fixable from our end. Potential workarounds here.
  • Can't Fix: Applications register in every virtual desktop when not on the Primary monitor. Workaround: Set Taskbar Mode to "Windows taskbar shows all..."
Nov 4, 2021 (modified 25 days ago)  • #1
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