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v8.0 • August 8, 2016

  • Change: Now targeting the .NET Framework 4.0, which will automatically install during setup if needed
  • Change: Added an "Our Apps" tab to the settings window with details about other great Binary Fortress apps (you can disable this tab in the Advanced Settings if you don't want it)
  • Change: New Feature: Triggers! Perform actions based on events like Desktop Unlocked, Windows Created, Window Focused, System Idle and many more
  • Change: An all-new wallpaper source selector is now here!
  • Change: New Wallpaper Source: "Website Wallpaper" to use a website as a wallpaper, including mouse and keyboard input!
  • Change: New Wallpaper Source: "My Videos" for playing videos as your desktop wallpaper!
  • Change: New Wallpaper Source: Tumblr
  • Change: New Wallpaper Source: Pinterest
  • Change: New Wallpaper Source: "Unsplash"
  • Change: New Wallpaper Source: "Panoramio"
  • Change: New Wallpaper Source: "Dropbox"
  • Change: Added a "Request Trial License" button to the settings window to request new trial license keys (if needed)
  • Change: Added a new desktop context menu item to pause wallpaper image changing
  • Change: Added "Reset All" and "Enable All" to the Taskbars menu in the system tray
  • Change: Added a new context menu option and Function to pause all wallpaper animations (video and website sources)
  • Change: Removed the "Taskbar > Open Windows on monitor with Start Menu" feature and replaced it with "Window Management > Move Newly Opened Windows..."
  • Change: New Feature: "Window Management > Move newly opened applications windows to the current monitor"
  • Change: Wallpaper can now be enabled/disabled like any normal feature
  • Change: Wallpaper auto-fix setting has been removed, when the Wallpaper setting is enabled it will auto-fix for you
  • Change: Updated old Google+/Picasa wallpaper provider to be the new "Google Photos" wallpaper provider
  • Change: The "Download Scripted Function" window is much improved
  • Change: You can now filter/search for Functions in the Settings window by name
  • Change: New wallpaper image info tag: wp-titleonly
  • Change: Added an option to the 500px wallpaper provider to block nude images
  • Change: Flickr wallpaper provider now supports albums and favourites
  • Change: Compatibility rules now allow TitleBar offsets to be up to 99999px
  • Change: Google Images wallpaper provider now requires a user API key
  • Change: Added a new wallpaper info tag for system startup time as 24 hour clock
  • Change: Lots of new built-in Functions
  • Change: Lots of new scripting functions (BFS.xxx.xxx)
  • Change: Lots of new Advanced Settings
  • Fix: Taskbar no longer sits on top of the Windows 10 lock screen
  • Fix: Website Wallpaper source is blocked on Windows 7 and lower (too many technical limits)
  • Fix: Video Wallpaper source is blocked on Windows 7 and lower (too many technical limits)
  • Fix: Digital Blasphemy wallpaper source fixes
  • Fix: "Combine With..." wallpaper sources fixed when selected in the Source selector
  • Fix: GPO policies are now enforced correctly if the window is opened directly from the command line
  • Fix: Many Windows 10 window padding issues are resolved (split maximizing, custom functions... etc)
  • Fix: InputList in Scripted Functions now works correctly again
  • Fix: Save/Restore Window Positions function is much improved
  • Fix: Window spanning/unspanning now works in Windows 10 correctly
  • Fix: BFS.DisplayFusion.RunFunction() now passes in the function's window handle by default
  • Fix: "Load from URL" wallpaper source no longer loses the current URL sometimes
  • Fix: deviantArt categories have been updated
  • Fix: Instagram wallpaper source now works again (Instagram changed their API and made it more restrictive)
  • Fix: Aero Peek on the DisplayFusion Taskbars now uses the Windows setting
  • Fix: Window mangement improvements (fixed some timing issues and app-specific issues)
  • Fix: Code editor improvements
  • Fix: Vladstudio thumbnails sometimes didn't load on high-DPI monitors
  • Fix: Inactive mouse scrolling is much improved now
  • Fix: StartIsBack, Classic Shell compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Minimizing a window no longer sometimes restores a Metro app
  • Fix: Some wallpaper providers are now blocked in some versions of Windows (Vista and lower)
  • Fix: Resolved issues with SetLocation and SetSizeAndLocation scripting functions
  • Fix: Taskbar Jump Lists now have pinned and recent items correctly
  • Fix: Metro apps now group correctly on the Taskbars
  • Fix: TitleBar Buttons now expand after being collapsed
  • Fix: Auto-fix now detects single-monitor changes, including rotation
  • Fix: Inactive window mouse-wheel scrolling now works on focused windows with more than 1 scrollbar
  • Fix: Windows Gadget windows now get moved correctly by scripting functions
  • Fix: TitleBar buttons are no longer stretched on different DPI monitors
  • Fix: Improved mouse-lock polling speed
  • Fix: "Move to Centre and Size 75%" is no longer slightly off on first run
  • Fix: Wallpaper image info tag metadata improvements
  • Fix: No longer keeps prompting to disable the Windows taskbar, is much smarter about it
  • Fix: Resolved a search issue with the "Google Image Search" wallpaper provider
  • Fix: Mouse cursor is now visible over mirrored windows
  • Fix: Trigger Timed Intervals no longer ignore the "Monitor Profile" condition
  • Fix: Minimum window width advanced setting for TitleBar Buttons now works again
  • Fix: Windows Logon now works correctly in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Fix: Running the "Toggle Key Combinations" function from a script now works
  • Fix: Full Vivaldi browser compatibility
  • Fix: Scripted functions now use caching and are much faster to start
  • Fix: Alt+Tab icons no longer overlap on non-primary monitors
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that could cause a CPU usage spike every 60 seconds
  • Fix: Focusing a window from Alt+Tab or the DF taskbar now focuses modal windows correctly (if present)
  • Fix: Taskbar no longer shows in front of a fullscreen Chrome window when it's not supposed to
  • Fix: Start Menu in Windows 10 opens on the correct monitor on non-English machines
  • Fix: Random wallpaper changes now work if a monitor has an invalid source ID
  • Fix: Flickr now uses authentication when searching for users (if needed)
  • Fix: Windows with no process path no longer get buttons (hidden system windows)
  • Fix: Alt+Tab is no longer slow to open when Aero/DWM is disabled
  • Fix: Random wallpaper changer no longer stores duplicate images in the "Web Images" folder
  • Fix: Window Snapping in Windows 10 no snaps to the bottom of the monitor correctly
  • Fix: Wallpaper history now works for all plugins
  • Fix: Added a Group Policy setting to disable alternate Start Menu links
  • Fix: Added a Group Policy setting to disable the script download buttons
  • Fix: More hotkey combinations are blocked if they are reserved by the system
  • Fix: Monitor selector is no longer blank when using a high contract theme
  • Fix: Right-clicking the Start Button in Windows 10 now brings up the Win+X menu
  • Fix: "wp-exit-datetaken" now has the correct date
  • Fix: Alt+Tab sometimes didn't change windows correctly
  • Fix: "Ignore Monitors" advanced setting now works with split monitors
  • Fix: A tray message is now shown when switching Monitor Profiles
  • Fix: "Clock ToolTip Format" advanced setting now works as expected
  • Fix: Yandex browser is now treated as a top-tabs browser like Chrome
  • Fix: ClickOnce app shortcuts are now supported on the DisplayFusion Taskbars
  • Fix: Alt+Tab window now scales correctly when font scaling is enabled
  • Fix: Tray icons are now less blurry when font scaling is enabled
  • Fix: Wallpaper changes are now paused when "Presentation Mode" is activated in Windows
  • Fix: Photos screen saver images now scale correctly
  • Fix: MobaxTerm has improved Taskbar support
  • Fix: Changed to a new Flickr API key
  • Fix: Updated the Pixabay plugin for the new Pixabay API
  • Fix: Photos Screen Saver fixes and new settings
  • Fix: TitleBar Buttons are no longer too high on some windows with top-aligned Taskbars
  • Fix: Pinned taskbar items sometimes failed to launch
  • Fix: Monitor Configuration sometimes made portrait monitors blurry
  • Fix: Taskbar Shortcuts AppID is now editable in the UI
  • Fix: Maximize and Ignore Splits (shift+maximize) now works on Primary monitors
  • Fix: Chrome compatibility fixes
  • Fix: Win+E and Ctrl+Win+E is no longer used by DisplayFusion
  • Fix: Automatic Aero colour selection from wallpaper images is improved (faster, better colour choices)
  • Fix: Taskbar compatibility improvements
  • Fix: TitleBar Button compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Alt+Tab compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Fullscreen detection improvements
  • Fix: Performance and memory usage improvements
  • Fix: StartIsBack, Classic Shell, Start10, StartMenuX compatibility improvements

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