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DisplayFusion Change Log (v7.x)

v7.0 • December 16, 2014

  • Change: DisplayFusion Remote Control (with mobile apps for Android, iOS and more)
  • Change: Scripted Functions are now here - Code anything you can imagine in DisplayFusion using C# and and run it like any other function
  • Change: All new "Splits and Padding" window in Monitor Configuration
  • Change: Asymmetrical splits, split padding and odd-sized splits are now supported
  • Change: Splits and Padding can be used with Bezel Compensation in nVidia and AMD drivers
  • Change: 5 new DisplayFusion Screen Savers bundled that are login-screen compatible
  • Change: DisplayFusion can now set the login screen saver (for when no one is logged in)
  • Change: Windows 10 Technical Preview support (let us know if you run into any issues please)
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Current Time of Day
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Current Weather
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Facebook
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Google+ (Picasa Web Albums)
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Imgur
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Instagram
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Pixabay
  • Change: New Wallpaper Provider: Smugmug
  • Change: Added a dozen new Image Info tags: image description, wallpaper profile, EXIF data, network info, file date created, file date modified and more
  • Change: Added 2 new Window Location modes
  • Change: Wallpaper Info text can now be outlined instead of just a solid background colour, it looks much nicer
  • Change: WallpaperFusion provider now support logins and filtering by "My Ratings" and "My Favourites"
  • Change: Rate WallpaperFusion images by right-clicking your desktop or a monitor in the Wallpaper window
  • Change: Zenfolio wallpaper provider now support authentication
  • Change: Flickr wallpaper provider now supports authentication
  • Change: Windows Update KB2918614 adds support for wide-screen Windows Logon images
  • Change: Taskbar jumplists for pinned items now work for URLs, documents, applications and folders (all types)
  • Change: Bing wallpaper provider now supports "Aspect Ratio" filtering (wide, tall, square, any)
  • Change: New command line parameter: -wallpaperapply
  • Change: Open wallpaper image URLs by right-clicking your desktop or a monitor in the Wallpaper window
  • Change: New Function: "Maximize Window, Ignore Splits"
  • Change: New Function: "Rollup Window to Icon"
  • Change: New Function: "Rollup Window to TitleBar"
  • Change: New Function: "Move Window to Primary Monitor"
  • Change: New Function: Save Window Positions (saves all window positions and sizes)
  • Change: New Function: Restore Window Positions (restores previously saved positions and sizes)
  • Fix: Alt+Tab handler now closes when Windows key is pressed
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused DisplayFusion to use 100% of the CPU on some machines
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused the DisplayFusion Taskbars to hang on some machines
  • Fix: Resolved a number of Pinned Taskbar issues, you will need to repin your shortcuts to fix grouping
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that caused the wrong taskbar button to be drag reordered
  • Fix: Taskbar no longer hangs after trying to drag buttons sometimes
  • Fix: Dragging taskbar buttons into other applications no longer causes crashes
  • Fix: Wallpaper info data is no longer left behind when switching to "solid colour"
  • Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented the hooks from starting correctly sometimes
  • Fix: Taskbar Start button image rendering improvements
  • Fix: Windows Logon no longer applies an old wallpaper image sometimes when updating
  • Fix: Button grouping now obeys Windows GPO setting
  • Fix: Desktop context menu entries are now removed correctly when uninstalled
  • Fix: Certain applications are no longer sorted incorrectly in the Alt+Tab window
  • Fix: Window Snapping no longer stops working on startup sometimes
  • Fix: Taskbars now disappear correctly when disabling them on a split monitor
  • Fix: Resolved some crashing/hanging/closing issues
  • Fix: No longer shows a reboot error when not needed
  • Fix: Windows Logon improvements (spanned monitors... etc)
  • Fix: Monitor Config now works with the Oculus Rift DK2
  • Fix: Alt+Tab improvements when shown on all monitors
  • Fix: Monitor, Wallpaper and Desktop Icon profiles now save their hotkeys correctly
  • Fix: Tray overflow button no longer stays highlighted sometimes
  • Fix: Long wallpaper descriptions are now wrapped in the embedded wallpaper info
  • Fix: Alt+Tab is no longer too wide for split/narrower monitors
  • Fix: Compatibility improvements with some proxy servers/firewalls
  • Fix: Mouse snag stayed activated after trial and didn't work correctly
  • Fix: Installer cleans up better after a complete uninstall
  • Fix: "Load Image From URL" now works with more proxy servers/firewalls that filter based on referrers and user agents
  • Fix: Taskbar compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Alt+Tab compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Hooking compatibility improvements
  • Fix: WindowBlinds compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Window Snapping compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Taskbar Aero colour issues have been resolved
  • Fix: Performance and stability improvements
  • Fix: Monitor splitting auto-fill improvements
  • Fix: Taskbar touch detection improvements
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with Dexpot
  • Fix: TitleBar Button compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Start8 compatibility improvements
  • Fix: Classic Shell compatibility improvements

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