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DisplayFusion Beta Change Log

v11.0 (Beta 2) • January 11, 2024

  • Fix: No longer shows an incorrect Steam license key warning
  • Fix: Fullscreen detection fixes.

v11.0 (Beta 1) • January 10, 2024

  • IMPORTANT: This beta contains a significant overhaul to the Settings window, so please expect there to be bugs!
  • Change: Settings window tabs are now ordered alphabetically
  • Change: Some settings have been moved to new tabs or moved to more appropriate tabs in the Settings window
  • Change: Added a window picker to the Compatibility rule edit window
  • Change: New built-in functions: Screen Zoom, Colour Picker, Screen Ruler
  • Change: New taskbar mode: Windows shows all, DF shows none
  • Fix: Clock is no longer truncated in Windows 10 when using the US format
  • Fix: Clicking in an Adobe Reader window when maximized to a split no longer causes it to shift
  • Fix: Taskbar buttons no longer shuffle when switching between Windows virtual desktops
  • Fix: Wallpaper RSS url loading works again
  • Fix: Fullscreen game windows should no longer move to splits
  • Fix: Middle-click on pinned taskbar button now opens new instance when there aren't any currently running
  • Fix: AdvancedRename now shows up in Alt+Tab
  • Fix: Wallpaper Settings window no longer overwritten by slideshow timer firing
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with custom titlebar buttons not displaying correctly
  • Fix: Steam pinned taskbar button fix
  • Fix: Taskbar no longer intermittently stops responding to mouse input
  • Fix: ESET compatibility fixes
  • Fix: Monitor profile loading fixes
  • Fix: BFS.Audio.SetVolumeMin() and BFS.Audio.SetVolumeMax() no longer throws an exception