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DisplayFusion Screenshots

DisplayFusion Desktop Wallpaper Window
Wallpaper Sources (1/3)
Wallpaper Sources (2/3)
Wallpaper Sources (3/3)
Online Wallpaper Provider: WallpaperFusion
Wallpaper: Combined Spanned and Different Images
Advanced Wallpaper Settings
Custom "Image Info" Text on the Desktop
DisplayFusion Monitor Configuration Window
Monitor Splits and Padding (for bezel compensation and more)
Manage Monitor Profiles Window
Settings > Options Tab
Settings > Functions Tab
Editing a Function
Shortcut Key Combination Editor
Online Scripted Function Repository
Scripted Function Editor Window
DisplayFusion TitleBar Buttons
Run any Function from the
TitleBar Button Context Menu
Output Window Created by
the "Mirror Monitor" Function
Output Window Created by
the "Mirror Window" Function
Window Highlight Function
Settings > Triggers Tab
Editing a Trigger Rule
Settings > Taskbar Tab
Taskbar Button Previews (hover)
Taskbar Button Jump Lists (right-click)
"Pinned" shortcuts on the DisplayFusion Taskbar
"Aero Peek" on the DisplayFusion Taskbar
Notification area ("system tray") on
the DisplayFusion Taskbar
Settings > Windows 10 Tab
Windows 10 Tweak: Move Power User Menu (Win+X) to the Mouse Cursor
Settings > Windows Lock Screen Tab
Settings > Screen Saver Tab
Settings > Monitor Fading Tab
Settings > Window Snapping Tab
Settings > Window Management Tab
Window Size/Location ToolTips
Settings > Mouse Management Tab
Settings > Alt+Tab
Alt+Tab Handler: Show on Current Monitor
Alt+Tab Handler: Show on All Monitors
Settings > Remote Control Tab
Settings > Compatibility Tab
Settings > Languages Tab
Settings > License Key Tab
Settings > Troubleshooting tab
Remote Control on Android: Connections
Remote Control on Android: Functions
Remote Control on iOS: Connections
Remote Control on iOS: Functions
Settings > Window Position Profiles
Settings > Desktop Icon Profiles