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Window Management

Window ManagementUse DisplayFusion's Window Management feature to easily move windows between your monitors. Whether you use the simple Middle-Click Move, or the more advanced Maximized Window Dragging, managing your desktop windows has never been so easy.

Maximized Window Dragging

Left-click a maximized window's titlebar and drag it to the monitor you would like it to be on. DisplayFusion will show a monitor selector to help you choose the monitor. You'll never need to restore the window, drag it to the monitor and re-maximize it again. Just click, drag and you're done. DisplayFusion will take care of the details for you. Easy!

Middle-Click Window Moving

Middle-click on a window's titlebar to move it to the next monitor. Just 1 click with your middle-mouse button and you can move your windows around with ease.

Size and Location ToolTips

DisplayFusion includes an option to display ToolTips on windows when they are being resized or moved so that you can see the exact window size and location in pixels.

Automatic Child Dialog/Window Movement

Enabling this feature allows DisplayFusion to automatically move newly opened windows from the same application to the same monitor as the parent application. This is especially helpful for applications that stubbornly open new windows on a different monitor than the one you're currently working on.

Mouse Management

DisplayFusion can allow you to use the mouse wheel to scroll windows that are under the mouse cursor, even if they are not the active window. You can also have the mouse cursor wrap around screen edges, and prevent the mouse cursor from snagging on monitor edges that are not aligned. This is especially helpful when you've got monitors that are different screen resolutions next to each other.

Toggle Aero Shake

In Windows 7 and higher, a feature called "Aero Shake" allows you to minimize all windows by shaking a window back and forth. If you'd prefer not to use this feature, you can easily disable it with the "Enable Aero Shake" option in DisplayFusion's Window Management settings.

Alt+Tab Handler

DisplayFusion's Alt+Tab Handler has additional modes over and above what Windows offers. You can have the Alt+Tab window shown on all monitors, the current monitor, or just the Primary monitor. It can show all open windows across all monitors, or just the windows on the current monitor. You can also choose whether you'd like the window titles shown below the entires in Alt+Tab, and whether you'd like the "Desktop" entry shown or not.


Window Size/Location ToolTips
Window Size/Location ToolTips
Alt+Tab Handler: Show on Current Monitor
Alt+Tab Handler: Show on Current Monitor
Alt+Tab Handler: Show on All Monitors
Alt+Tab Handler: Show on All Monitors
Settings > Window Management Tab
Settings > Window Management Tab
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