DisplayFusion Change Log (v1.x)

v1.5.0 • December 5, 2007

  • Added: Wallpaper shifting for each monitor
  • Added: Option to adjust wallpaper for Active Desktop
  • Fixed: System tray icon sometimes doesn't appear
  • Changed: Significant memory usage improvements
  • Changed: Now detects a change with Active Desktop and prompts to adjust your wallpaper (if you have the wallpaper check enabled)
  • Changed: Added an "Apply" button to the Desktop Wallpaper window

v1.4.2 • November 11, 2007

  • Changed: Bolded the default system tray menu item, "Desktop Wallpaper"
  • Changed: Now displays the screen # and a "p" for the primary screen when setting your wallpaper
  • Changed: Increased the proxy settings fields to 1000 characters
  • Fixed: "DisplayFusion is already running" doesn't happen anymore when using multiple sessions
  • Fixed: Wallpaper gets applied in reverse order when Active Desktop is enabled (thanks Keith and Eric Lammers)

v1.4.1 • September 29, 2007

  • Changed: Re-applying wallpaper is now smarter, to allow for people that frequently go from 2 monitors to 1
  • Changed: 1/10th of a second key delay between hotkeys
  • Changed: The "large change" value of Flickr wallpaper scrollbar is now 7
  • Fixed: "Move windows to next monitor and size proportionally" hotkey is now working again

v1.4.0 • September 24, 2007

  • Added: Now stores the last used wallpaper folder, for easier access
  • Added: Can now set DisplayFusion to run at startup in the setup wizard
  • Added: Option to not prompt when the wallpaper changes and just fix it automatically
  • Added: Option to disable the HotKeys
  • Fixed: Rounding error that caused windows to move up/left 1 pixel each time they are moved between monitors
  • Fixed: Proxy password is now longer displayed or stored in plain text
  • Fixed: If auto-update doesn't find a valid XML file it displays a nicer error message
  • Fixed: Corrected an issue where some windows wouldn't drag if you tried to drag them from the very top while they are maximized
  • Fixed: The HotKey description "size to 95%" has been corrected to "size to 100%"

v1.3.0 • September 17, 2007

  • Added: New hotkey to centre the window and size it to 100% (basically maximized without actually maximizing it)
  • Added: Option to watch if any other programs (or computer policies) change your wallpaper, then prompt you to restore it
  • Added: Option to search Flickr images by Group name/description as well, not just by a Person's name
  • Added: New About window
  • Changed: Moved the folder that web images get saved to from AppData to the "My Pictures" folder for easier access
  • Changed: Changed the default filenames of web images from random IDs to the image's title for easier access

v1.2.1 • September 10, 2007

  • Fixed: Problem with wallpaper being offset incorrectly
  • Added: Proxy settings for internet access (auto-update, Flickr images... etc)

v1.2.0 • September 4, 2007

  • Added: Now shows the resolution of the Flickr image in the menu that appears when you click on an image
  • Fixed: Wallpaper issue with more than 2 monitors of different sizes
  • Fixed: Flickr image preview aspect ratio issue
  • Fixed: Flickr image preview threading issues
  • Fixed: Office 2007 (and other non-working applications) should work perfectly now when dragging the maximized windows between monitors
  • Fixed: A mouse hook issue that could lead to program slowdowns and DisplayFusion "lagging"

v1.1.0 • August 29, 2007

  • Added: Integrated Flickr image downloading, using keyword and username searching
  • Fixed: Mouse stuttering issue when open some windows, or configuring wallpaper

v1.0.1 • August 26, 2007

  • Fixed: Hotkey descriptions that didn't make sense
  • Fixed: Restoring a window that was dragged to a different monitor now restores to the correct monitor (the monitor that it was dragged to)

v1.0.0 • August 22, 2007

  • First public version

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