DisplayFusion Change Log (v2.x)

v2.2.1 • November 9, 2008

  • Changed: Resized some windows to allow them to work properly at 800x600
  • Fixed: An issue that prevented DisplayFusion from starting when using certain locales (ex: Turkish)
  • Fixed: Some rare DisplayFusion timer issues
  • Fixed: Resolved some of the "jerky mouse movement" issues in rare situations
  • Fixed: Some windows failed to drag maximized or snap properly (ex: Windows Live Messenger)
  • Fixed: Flickr images would overwrite each other if they had duplicated names and resolutions
  • Fixed: Sometimes Flickr images wouldn't be properly cleaned up
  • Fixed: The "DisplayFusion has encountered a problem and needs to close." error on startup should now be eliminated

v2.2.0 • October 26, 2008

  • Changed: Random image change now uses decimals for smaller values - range is now 0.1 to 1440 minutes
  • Changed: Added 'Remove unused temporary image files automatically' option
  • Changed: Added native 'English' language support
  • Changed: Added native 'German' language support
  • Changed: Added native 'Spanish' language support
  • Changed: Interface consistency improvements (button width... etc)
  • Changed: When another DisplayFusion instance is already running you are prompted to end it
  • Changed: Added a "Pause DisplayFusion when full screen application is running" option - previously it was always paused when a full screen application was running
  • Fixed: Some URL launching issues in certain situations caused DisplayFusion to hang
  • Fixed: 'Reset HotKeys' button didn't update the list correctly sometimes
  • Fixed: When closing the Settings window in no longer updates the auto-start registry value each time, it only updates when needed now
  • Fixed: Received an "An error has occurred while updating the preview." error message when opening the wallpaper window in rare situations
  • Fixed: An issue that could cause alignment issues when spanning a tiled wallpaper in the preview window and when applied to the desktop

v2.1.1 • April 28, 2008

  • Fixed: Issue that prevented some Vista users from browsers for images on their local computer in rare situations

v2.1.0 • April 27, 2008

  • Changed: Random images from Flickr on a timer
  • Changed: Window Edge Snapping that detects when windows are near the desktop borders and "snaps" the window to the edge
  • Changed: Update check can now download and install the new version (Pro only)
  • Changed: Can now paste files and filenames from the clipboard into the Desktop Wallpaper window
  • Changed: Can now drag images from anywhere into the Desktop Wallpaper window
  • Changed: DisplayFusion and its installer are now signed using a Vista compatible certificate - this will make any UAC prompts a lot friendlier and will avoid other Vista permission problems all together
  • Changed: Now using lower quality images in the Wallpaper preview pane to make it considerably faster
  • Changed: Random image changer will no longer display the same image on 2 monitors at the same time
  • Changed: Now using a higher quality image resizing method to reduce image degradation
  • Changed: Merged the "Auto Update" with the "Options" tab to save space in the Settings window
  • Changed: Moved the "About" window to a tab in the "Settings" window
  • Changed: Now saves Flickr search information between searches
  • Changed: Reworked the "Choose a Flickr Group" window to add more functionality
  • Changed: Now displays a message box when there are no Flickr images that match your search criteria
  • Changed: Doesn't try to fix your wallpaper or pick a new random image while a full screen application is running (like games or a PowerPoint presentation)
  • Changed: Using the "Window Span" hotkey on a window that is already spanned un-spans the window
  • Changed: Shows proper program version and icon in the uninstall information (Add/Remove Programs)
  • Changed: Revised icons, which include higher resolution versions for a better looking desktop icon
  • Changed: Installer now has a License Agreement
  • Changed: Installer now lets you create a desktop shortcut
  • Changed: Installer now lets you choose whether to open the Welcome page or not
  • Fixed: Issue where the wallpaper sometimes leaves a line of pixels on the right or bottom side of monitor is now fixed
  • Fixed: Wallpaper shifting now works properly when an image is taller than the monitor when in span mode
  • Fixed: Spanning hotkey no longer leaves a 1 pixel gap on the right and bottom sides of windows
  • Fixed: Issue where spanned windows "disappear" behind the screen is now fixed
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented some applications in rare situations to not be draggable when maximized is now fixed
  • Fixed: Issue that caused images dragged and dropped into the Desktop Wallpaper window to sometimes be applied to the incorrect monitor is now fixed
  • Fixed: Tab index issues in the settings window are now cleared up

v2.0.2 • February 18, 2008

  • Added: Option to enable/disable dragging maximized windows between monitors
  • Added: New wallpaper image scaling option: "Best fit and maintain aspect ratio (clip edges)"
  • Added: Option to ignore wallpaper and resolution changes while in a terminal session (RDP)
  • Added: Button to reset your wallpaper settings back to the defaults
  • Added: Context menu for each monitor in the wallpaper window for pasting images from the clipboard and other handy functions
  • Changed: Reworded the version update notification to show more information
  • Changed: Added a confirmation to the "Clear Image" button in the wallpaper window
  • Fixed: Wallpaper not applying sometimes in very rare situations
  • Fixed: "Move window to next monitor" didn't keep the window maximized if it already was
  • Fixed: Monitor and video card names sometimes wrong in desktop wallpaper window

v2.0.1 • February 7, 2008

  • Fixed: Window spanning hotkey issue (windows only maximized to 1 monitor, didn't span)
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented DisplayFusion from properly detecting resolution changes and automatically adjusting for it
  • Fixed: Control focus issue while applying wallpaper settings (now all controls are disabled while applying settings)
  • Fixed: Grammatical errors in the custom hotkeys window
  • Fixed: Issue with the "minutes to change" box when typing in a value then changing the selected monitor
  • Fixed: Tab order in the custom hotkey window
  • Fixed: Issue that sometimes prevented 1 monitor from being updated when applying settings
  • Fixed: License textbox focus issue when re-entering a license key
  • Changed: Added confirmation when removing files/folders from wallpaper timer box
  • Changed: Can now remove more than 1 file/folder from wallpaper timer box
  • Changed: License expiry box is hidden to avoid confusion unless a license that expires is used (Pro licenses do not ever expire)
  • Changed: Disabled hotkeys now say "Disabled" beside their name in the list, for easier identification
  • Added: Custom hotkey renaming
  • Added: New system tray menu item for changing to the next random wallpaper or freezing on the current one - only for people who are using the wallpaper changing on a timer

v2.0.0 • February 3, 2008

  • Added: The option to change your desktop wallpaper using a timer
  • Added: New wallpaper image scaling option: "Best fit and maintain aspect ratio"
  • Changed: Completely re-wrote the Flickr image loader
  • Fixed: Encrypted password problem - you will need to re-enter your Proxy Password
  • Fixed: Sometimes ignored wallpaper changes, even when auto-fix is enabled
  • Fixed: Incorrectly detected whether another instance of DisplayFusion is already running
  • Changed/Fixed: Numerous bugs and interface inconsistencies
  • Added: Free/Pro versions with advanced functionality reserved for the Pro version

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