DisplayFusion Change Log (v3.0.x)

v3.0.6 • June 1, 2009

  • Fixed: Taskbar button rendering in Windows XP Classic Mode displayed a few pixels too low
  • Fixed: Unfocused windows would sometimes not respond to their minimize button being clicked
  • Fixed: Window snapping now works correctly all the time in Vista x64
  • Fixed: System hook performance improvements
  • Fixed: Better Winamp compatibility
  • Fixed: Taskbar buttons with & in the text would show up incorrectly

v3.0.5 • May 30, 2009

  • Changed: Added an "Open Task Manager" to the DisplayFusion context menu
  • Changed: Added the "All taskbars show relevant windows" in Windows 7
  • Changed: Taskbars now use Aero rendering in Windows 7
  • Changed: Added a "Advanced DisplayFusion Settings" link on the Troubleshooting tab
  • Changed: Added a bunch of new advanced settings
  • Changed: Taskbar window thumbnail previews now use the windows themes and look more native
  • Changed: Taskbar items now blink/flash when they need attention (ex: instant messaging windows)
  • Changed: Significant performance improvements (reduced CPU usage, reduced response time... etc)
  • Fixed: Grouped windows taskbar items are properly removed, and the grouped count decreases correctly
  • Fixed: DisplayFusion is now able to manage elevated windows (regedit... etc) properly on the DisplayFusion taskbar
  • Fixed: Taskbar button width now takes monitor DPI (font scaling) into consideration
  • Fixed: Taskbars should no longer deadlock the application (in rare situations)
  • Fixed: If the TaskbarsHeightOverride property is used, the DisplayFusion taskbars will no longer remove/re-add themselves when the Windows taskbar changes sizes
  • Fixed: The TaskbarsHeightOverride property now works in Windows 7 as well

v3.0.4 • May 8, 2009

  • Changed: Added taskbar window previews (hover over taskbar items for a thumbnail window preview)
  • Changed: Added drag/drop taskbar button sorting (on DisplayFusion taskbars only)
  • Changed: Taskbars are no longer removed/re-added when closing the Settings window
  • Changed: Dragging over a DisplayFusion taskbar item now restores that window so you can drag/drop in it
  • Changed: Added an option to disable the "Do you wish to apply these settings?" wallpaper prompt
  • Fixed: Better fullscreen application detection (for sending the taskbar behind the fullscreen window)
  • Fixed: Taskbar icons were lower quality in certain situations
  • Fixed: Clicking on a focused taskbar item didn't always minimize it in Windows 7
  • Fixed: Taskbar performance improvements (shorter load time, less CPU usage when polling... etc)
  • Fixed: Monitor order was sometimes different than Windows and affected window movement hotkeys
  • Fixed: Full Microsoft Excel 2002/2003/2007 taskbar compatibility in all operating systems
  • Fixed: Taskbar items would sometimes appear when they shouldn't, if the DisplayFusion taskbar was on the primary screen
  • Fixed: Better application compatibility with "EditPad Pro"
  • Fixed: Wallpaper would be tiled incorrectly when high DPI settings are in use in Vista/Win7

v3.0.3 • April 12, 2009

  • Changed: Significantly better Windows 7 and Windows 2000 support
  • Changed: Added the taskbar option "DisplayFusion shows relevant windows" for Windows 7 and Windows 2000
  • Changed: Removed "Windows 7 support is experimental" notice
  • Changed: Applying the wallpaper settings manually (in the Wallpaper window) now turns off the image freezing
  • Changed: New default HotKey: "Move window to previous monitor" (Ctrl + Win + W)
  • Changed: New default HotKey: "Move window to previous monitor and size proportionally" (Ctrl + Win + E)
  • Changed: New default HotKey: "Move window to previous monitor and maximize" (Ctrl + Win + D)
  • Changed: You can now see the currently used wallpaper images in "Settings > Troubleshooting"
  • Fixed: Windows 7 taskbar is now rendered correctly
  • Fixed: HotKeys sometimes get reset on reboot with Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • Fixed: Fixed the "font Arial does not support style 'regular'" error in the Wallpaper and Settings windows
  • Fixed: Taskbar didn't redraw properly in certain situations
  • Fixed: Some maximized windows didn't move then maximize properly with the middle-click mouse shortcut (ex: Outlook 2007)
  • Fixed: Taskbar application compatibility with the "MySQL GUI Tools"
  • Fixed: Taskbar items wouldn't be restored if the taskbar was disabled in certain situations
  • Fixed: Disabling the taskbar with the system tray menu wouldn't save the setting properly in certain situations
  • Fixed: The installer now remembers the previous installation folder, instead of always defaulting to "Program Files\DisplayFusion"
  • Fixed: Better application compatibility with Google Chrome and Apple Safari 4
  • Fixed: Better application compatibility with Delphi applications (TOAD for Oracle, PSpad, FlashFXP... etc)
  • Fixed: Taskbar didn't fade in properly when moused-over in certain situations
  • Fixed: Vladstudio keycode wasn't authenticated properly in certain situations
  • Fixed: Improved CPU usage (lower when multi-monitor taskbar is enabled)
  • Fixed: Log size is much smaller now (doesn't log thread creation anymore)
  • Fixed: Log now includes "HotKey Reset" events (either because of messed up registry settings or clicking the "Reset All HotKeys" button
  • Fixed: License key validation errors. If you receive an "invalid license key" when you upgrade, just head here and have your license key resent to you: http://www.displayfusion.com/FindLicense/

v3.0.2 • March 21, 2009

  • Changed: Taskbars now support auto-hiding
  • Changed: Added a "Taskbar Opacity" option, to make the DisplayFusion Taskbar translucent
  • Changed: Wallpaper checker/changer is now delayed 30 seconds from application startup, to allow the system to fully start before trying to change anything
  • Changed: Huge improvement in response time for taskbar item updating (new windows, closed windows, focused windows... etc)
  • Changed: Wallpaper timer maximum value has been increased from 1,440 minutes (1 day) to 10,080 minutes (7 days)
  • Fixed: Better window management compatibility with Google Chrome and Apple Safari 4 (doesn't move browser to the next monitor when middle-clicking a tab at the top of the window)
  • Fixed: Taskbar button theme rendering and button height issues with certain custom themes
  • Fixed: Taskbar compatibility with Game Maker 7
  • Fixed: Window snapping is fixed when the taskbar is at the top or left-side
  • Fixed: Window movement hotkeys and mouse shortcuts now work correctly when the taskbar is at the top or left-side
  • Fixed: Silent installations now work correctly
  • Fixed: Resolved some lockups when coming out of standby or screensaver
  • Fixed: Now displays dates using the local culture formatting
  • Fixed: Installer would sometimes use English, even if another language was selected

v3.0.1 • March 7, 2009

  • Changed: Updated and overhauled Spanish language file
  • Changed: Added an option: "Rotate wallpaper images automatically using JPEG EXIF information"
  • Changed: Added a registry key to force a specific taskbar height: "HKCU\Software\Binary Fortress Software\DisplayFusion\TaskbarHeightOverride"
  • Changed: Now works with PNG transparency and alpha values properly, blending with the background colour where required
  • Fixed: Added window management compatibility with "AQT Query Tool" application
  • Fixed: If the taskbar position/size can't be read just ignore, don't try to re-add the taskbars
  • Fixed: Sometimes a restored window would go off the top of the monitor after being moved with a hotkey/mouse drag
  • Fixed: Sometimes a restored window's position would be too big for the monitor after being moved with a hotkey/mouse drag
  • Fixed: Window movement is now faster, and isn't slowed down by window animations (hotkeys, window dragging, caption bar middle-clicking... etc)
  • Fixed: Taskbar button tooltips no longer move with the mouse (now more consistent with default Windows behaviour)
  • Fixed: Better taskbar compatibility with Microsoft Excel (not perfect, but much better)
  • Fixed: Better taskbar compatibility with TOAD SQL management software
  • Fixed: Paint.NET can now be dragged when maximized, or middle-clicked to move to the next monitor
  • Fixed: Taskbar button text was 1px too low in Windows classic mode
  • Fixed: Taskbar button "indent" no longer lags with certain applications
  • Fixed: Taskbar would appear half-way up the screen when changing resolutions (or when changing a monitor's orientation)
  • Fixed: Sometimes a grey bar would appear on the top and left of scaled wallpaper images
  • Fixed: Installer sometimes failed to correctly detect whether DisplayFusion was currently running
  • Fixed: Silent installation now works correctly

v3.0.0 • February 21, 2009

  • This is a huge release, with a complete overhaul of all features
  • See the release announcement for more information

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