DisplayFusion Change Log (v3.2.x)

v3.2.0 • September 14, 2010

  • Changed: Taskbars can now show a clock which can be configured to display on the left/right or top/bottom of Taskbar
  • Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Taskbar: Clock Text" to control the Taskbar clock's appearance
  • Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Taskbar: Clock Size" for manually controlling the Taskbar Clock's width or height
  • Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Taskbar: Button Dragging Icons" to toggle the Taskbar button dragging icons (the little green arrows that appear by default)
  • Changed: Added a new Taskbar setting: "Focus window when mouse is dragged over Taskbar button"
  • Changed: Multi-Monitor Screen Savers are now supported and can be configured in the DisplayFusion Settings window
  • Changed: Added a new HotKey and TitleBar Button called "Start Screen Saver" that starts the currently configured Screen Saver
  • Changed: Added more Window Snapping options (snap mode, snap key modifier... etc)
  • Changed: Window application edges are now lined up (if close enough) when snapping
  • Changed: Window application edge snapping now performs "inside" snapping as well (snaps the edges of a window the inside edges of another window)
  • Changed: Wallpaper Profiles are now supported: create multiple Wallpaper settings, and switch between them with 1 click
  • Changed: HotKeys and TitleBar Buttons can now be created to load Wallpaper Profiles (still need TitleBar Button images though)
  • Changed: Added a new Colour Mode, "Inverted"
  • Changed: Flickr random image loader will now select from the newest 500 images, not the newest 100
  • Changed: Added an Advanced Setting called "Wallpaper: Run Program After Wallpaper Change" to run an external program after each wallpaper change (like BGInfo)
  • Changed: Added a "Move window to specified location" HotKey (custom) and TitleBar Button
  • Changed: Added a "Toggle Window Transparency" HotKey and TitleBar Button
  • Changed: Installer now accepts a DisplayFusion Pro license key during installation
  • Changed: Added a "Backup Settings" button to the Troubleshooting tab in the Settings window for generating a .REG file backup
  • Changed: All new hooking method to eliminate the need to reboot when installing updates
  • Changed: TitleBar Buttons now show the HotKey key combination in their mouse-over tooltip for quick reference
  • Changed: Redesigned the "Edit HotKey" window
  • Changed: Redesigned the "Edit TitleBar Button" window
  • Changed: Added the ability for system Administrators to set certain settings, look in the FAQ
  • Fixed: Proxy server issues resolved
  • Fixed: Window snapping with more than 1 application window, or 1 application window and a monitor edge now works as expected
  • Fixed: Disconnecting from a LogMeIn session in Windows 7 now returns to Aero rendering correctly
  • Fixed: Internal changes to help prevent lockups and stutters on multi-core systems in some situations
  • Fixed: TaskbarsButtonGapX advanced setting now works as expected when the taskbar is vertical
  • Fixed: TitleBar Buttons are now toggled correctly when the corresponding HotKey is used
  • Fixed: Item lists no longer flicker when being sized or scrolled
  • Fixed: Fixed some font scaling issues at lower scales (110%)
  • Fixed: Fixed some localization issues in the Settings window
  • Fixed: Hook compatibility improvements with "Classic Shell"
  • Fixed: Hooks performance improvements

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