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Purchase DisplayFusion Pro on Steam

DisplayFusion Pro on Steam is a different license type, and available only through the Steam Store, or by upgrading from an existing DisplayFusion Pro license type (see below for details). The DisplayFusion Pro on Steam license type has the following restrictions:
  • Can be installed on any machine that you are the primary user, and have Steam installed on
  • Lifetime license with no charge updates to newer versions
  • Steam does not need to be running or logged in to use DisplayFusion after it's been installed
This license type requires you to install DisplayFusion through the Steam desktop client. If you don't already use Steam for other game/software purchases, we recommend purchasing a DisplayFusion Pro Standard license instead.
You can upgrade to a DisplayFusion Pro Steam license from an existing Pro Standard or Pro Personal license. The upgrade costs are as follows:
  • Upgrade from DisplayFusion Pro Standard: $4.99
  • Upgrade from DisplayFusion Pro Personal: Free
We are charging $4.99 to upgrade Pro Standard licenses because we can't charge less than the Steam store price for a license. A Pro Standard license is normally $25 and a Steam license is normally $29.99. So the $4.99 upgrade cost just brings the prices inline with each other. After you upgrade your Pro Standard or Pro Personal license, you'll still be able to use that license in addition to your Steam license.
To upgrade your existing license to a Steam license, follow these instructions:
  • Click the "My Licenses" button in the top navigation bar on this page
  • You will need to login to your Binary Fortress Account to access your licenses
  • Click the "Upgrade to Steam" link next to the license you would like to upgrade
  • Follow the prompts to complete your Steam license upgrade
Upgrade an Existing DisplayFusion License
After receiving your DisplayFusion Pro on Steam product code, follow the steps below to add DisplayFusion to your Steam Library:
  • If you don't already have it, install Steam from
  • Launch Steam and navigate to Games > Activate a product on Steam
  • Follow the steps in the wizard, pasting your Steam product code (shown below) in when prompted
  • After completing the steps in the wizard above, follow the steps in the "Installing DisplayFusion Pro on Steam" section below to complete the installation
  • Open Steam, then navigate to Library > All Software
  • Click DisplayFusion from the list, then click the Install button to download the package
  • Important: After the download is complete, click the Launch button, otherwise the license key will not install correctly
  • DisplayFusion will do a first time installation, then it should launch