Project Setup Opener

I'm a software developer for construction machinery. When working on a project I like to have multiple Explorer Windows open which are related to the project. And of course I like to have them positioned over my multiple monitor setup.
So wrote this scripted function which allows to store a setup of open Explorer windows for a given parent window.
Use hotkey 'Alt + Ctrl + Win + Y' while the parent window is focused.
Both the paths and the positions of open explorer windows are stored for the current monitor configuration.
If later on the parent window is opened while the spacebar is pressed, the complete setup is restored.
Individual setups can be stored for different monitor configurations. If a setup does not exist for
the current monitor configuration, the script applies one of the existing ones and assures that
no window is outside the visible area.
You need to assign:
- 'Alt + Ctrl + Win + Y' as hotkey to run this scripted function
- A trigger for:
- 'Window created',
- 'Process Filename': 'C:\Windows\explorer.exe',
- 'Windows Class': 'CabinetWClass'
- 'Run Function': 'Project Setup Opener'
If you want to change the hotkey 'Alt + Ctrl + Win + Y', or want a different key than the spacebar to restore setups, make sure to adjust the strings 'KeyDownOpener', 'KeyDownOpener2' and 'KeyDownCreator' in the script to your choices.
See the comment section at the beginning of the script for details.
Minimum Version
Created By
Christian Treffler
Date Created
Nov 23, 2021
Date Last Modified
Nov 23, 2021

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