Open Excel File on Monitor 2

DisplayFusion can open more than one copy of Excel, and put the copies on different monitors, but Excel remembers the last position of the file(s), and wants to put them back there -- on the same monitor. (At least, Office 2010/Office 14 does this.) Trying to force the location to different monitors during startup *starts* to work, but the program overrides the new location; in the end, the only thing that actually moves to the new monitor is the startup screen.
This script allows Excel to do as it pleases, waits a bit, then finds the new window and puts it where it was supposed to go. The timeout probably depends on certain computer-related factors. On my (far-from-flagship) 2.5GHz Phenom II X4, the delay needs to be about 900ms. I set it to 1200ms to be safe. YMMV.
Minimum Version
Created By
Bruce Wahler
Date Created
Mar 16, 2016
Date Last Modified
Mar 17, 2016

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