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thanks! Please see my feedback below.


- I'm still not happy with bigger icons in "Load from Vladstudio" window. They also break the field group frame (see pic 1). Maybe we could use "vladstudio" icon instead of lightbulb?

- in "Vladstudio search" field group, please change "Username, Keycode" to "Email, Keycode".

- when I sign in to my account and click "My account" button, can you please change the link that this button opens? Instead of "", please open EMAIL)&keycode=(MD5 OF KEYCODE)

This will help users who signed in inside DisplayFusion program, but not in browser.

- About search results. Thank you for your idea to show "standard" thumbnails to users with standard monitors and "wide" thumbnails to users with wide monitors :-)
Unfortunately that is not quite correct. The problem is that "wide" thumbnails you use are actually small previews of "dual monitor" images. They often are very different from single-monitor wallpapers (standard or wide). Please see pic 2.
The solution is to revert back to standard (100x75) thumbnails for all single monitors. Or, I could create 120x75 thumbnails but I'm not sure it is worth it (I will always forget to update them).

- small usability note. When I set image mode to "randomly change from", and then click "Go to next image" from tray menu, the program downloads new image (it takes 10-15 seconds) then my background changes. The problem is - program does not indicate that it is doing something, at first I thought something went wrong because I did not get any reaction when I clicked "Go to next image". I think animating icon in tray would help. I can make this icon if you'd like (please send me original icon source then).

- I think that my keywords and categories are somewhat messy and inaccurate - I promise to optimize them in nearest future!

- Also, small problem -
* I set screen size to 1440x900
* set image mode to "randomly change from"
* and "size mode" = "Centre", then click "OK"
* wallpaper is nicely centered on my desktop.
* then I change screen size to 1024x768 and
* click "Go to next image" from tray menu
* the new wallpaper is correctly 1024x768, but is not centered; instead, it moved to bottom-right. (see pic 3)

Everything else works just perfect for me! Thanks!
Jan 22, 2009  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
These are all fixed in Beta 15.
Jan 23, 2009  • #2
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