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2nd Taskbar Gone

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Joshua Sheldon
1 discussion post
I originally had both taskbars set to autohide. I found my second monitor auto hide to be a bit annoying playing a game on the primary monitor so I set auto-hide on the DF taskbar to disable. The taskbar disappeared at that point. I tried to enable the taskbar again, right clicking the notification bar icon on the native taskbar, Multi-monitor taskbar-> enable multi taskbar. But it seems to do nothing. When I right click on the icon again to see if there are settings in the multi monitor taskbar list, only enable multi taskbar remains. I'm running Windows 7
Nov 24, 2012  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
It sounds like the taskbar may have just not reloaded, because the full screen game was open. Can you check to make sure that "Enable Multi-Monitor Taskbars" is enabled on the DisplayFusion Settings > Taskbar tab?

Nov 26, 2012  • #2
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Mr David M Smith
6 discussion posts
i got a similar problem.

i set my DF taskbar to autohide.

and the taskbar seemed to have unloaded itself, completely.

i tried enabling and disabling the 2nd task bar feature. i searched my 2nd screen
and i can't seem to recover the task bar, at all. i only managed to recover it. by re-installing DF.
but when i re-tried it. i got the same thing again. it unloads itself, and does not appear to be recoverable during this
installation either, so another re-install appears to be in order. and no auto-hide for me.

is there a way for me to fix this ?
Feb 14, 2013 (modified Feb 14, 2013)  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
If you have a full screen application running, the taskbar may be waiting to reload until it's closed. Could you try enabling the "Allow taskbar reloading while full screen applications are running" option on the Settings > Taskbar tab before trying to adjust the taskbar settings?
Feb 14, 2013  • #4
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Mr David M Smith
6 discussion posts
ya. sorry,
"Allow taskbar reloading while full screen applications are running" is enabled.
and i am currently / previously was not in full screen mode.
Feb 14, 2013  • #5
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Ok, interesting! Would you be able to do the following to help troubleshoot further?
  • Enable debug logging on the Troubleshooting tab (set it to Logging: Important Only) and click Apply
  • Reproduce the issue (please note the time so I'll know where to look in the log file)
  • Send me the %appdata%\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusion.log file (can be found by clicking the 'Open Log' button on the Troubleshooting tab)
  • Disable debug logging after sending me the log
Feb 15, 2013  • #6
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Mr David M Smith
6 discussion posts
so your asking me now, to reproduce the crash / error on purpose? :(

i hate crashing software on purpose
Feb 16, 2013  • #7
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Elusivo Landar
1 discussion post
I have same problem since a few beta versions back.

Plus, Desktop wallpaper stopped changing every 5mins like i set it to on both monitors.

I am using latest displayfusion version 5 on win8 pro and even reinstalling didn't fix it.

Got the taskbar working only after using taskmanager to restart explorer.exe, but the wallpapers still don't change, not even the key combination ctrl+win+r makes it change like before.

Update: After i changed some options on comodo internet security and restarted cmdagent.exe, the desktop wallpaper is also working now ... Don't know if it was that or some other reason...
Feb 18, 2013 (modified Feb 18, 2013)  • #8
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
@Elusivo: Interesting! Please let me know if you run into any issues again in the future.

@Mr David M Smith: Would you also happen to be running Comodo Internet Security?
Feb 20, 2013  • #9
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Mr David M Smith
6 discussion posts
i do not run any internet security software
except the standard windows firewall.
Feb 21, 2013  • #10
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Ok, unfortunately since we can't reproduce the issue here, there's not much we can do without some troubleshooting from your end. If you can do the steps in my post above (#7) and also send a copy of the info from the Troubleshooting tab after you've enabled auto-hide and the taskbar has gone missing, hopefully we can sort out what the issue is.

After the taskbar has gone missing, you should be able to recover it without having to reinstall DisplayFusion. On the Settings > Taskbar tab, you can try disabling, then re-enabling the feature, and if that doesn't work, try using the Reset All Taskbars button on that tab as well.

Feb 23, 2013  • #11
User Image
1 discussion post
I think I may have a bit more info on this issue.

I already had my taskbar set to autohide when I just installed DF. When I enabled multi-monitor taskbar, the main taskbar was still set to autohide, but the secondary was not. I keep my taskbar on the left, and it did set the secondary on the left, as well.

Without thinking, I went and set the secondary taskbar to autohide through the multi-monitor settings, but did not move the taskbar. The secondary taskbar disappeared, and like others, I could not make it reappear; even after clicking "Reset all taskbars". I figured the issue was that DF was simply assuming the mouse was moving to the main monitor, and not reading that the taskbar should reappear, but it turned out the secondary taskbar was just gone altogether.

After reading this thread, I finally got it to come back by right-clicking the DF icon in the main taskbar, clicking "Exit", then restarting DF from the programs menu.

Once it was back, I went to the secondary taskbar and moved it to the right side. I saw it go over there, and then it disappeared again; just gone. Restarting DF brought it back again. It seems every time I make a change to it, it disappears and will only come back by restarting DF. I can set it to autohide, no autohide, "Enabled, shown with the Windows taskbar", and it will disappear every time, only to reappear after restarting DF entirely. After that, as long as I don't make any changes to it, it seems to work just fine (so far, anyway).

I'm running Win 7 Pro x64 (fresh clean install day-before-yesterday), Avast! Free Antivirus, Input Director, Start Menu X, Rainmeter, and 3RVX on a Sapphire Radeon HD5770 GPU (lots of other programs, but I figure those are the ones that matter for this issue).
Dec 12, 2013  • #12
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
@Simantic: After changing the taskbar setting, causing it to disappear and not reload, could you check the Settings > Troubleshooting tab, in the "FullScreen Applications" section to see if any are listed there?
Dec 12, 2013  • #13
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Luis P.
5 discussion posts
Keith, I experience this every so often as well. Even if there is no application currently displaying Resetting the monitors is the only way I can fix it, but I prefer NOT to. There must be a way to change the Auto-Hide manually (am sure there is a configuration file). Using the "Desktop Wallpaper" selection, I can see the affected view is 3.2.


Taskbar 3.2 [302]
• Class: DFTaskbar:03578a34-3e8b-4134-8c21-c3c84155c21f
• AppBarMode: False
• Bounds Current: X=-622, Y=-2, W=1620, H=23
• Bounds MouseOver: X=-622, Y=-23, W=1620, H=23
• Bounds MouseLeave: X=-622, Y=-2, W=1620, H=23
• Bounds AppBar: X=-622, Y=-2, W=1620, H=2
• Monitor: BenQ GW2760HS @ NVIDIA Quadro K1100M (ID: 3.2, MonitorSerial: LAG00970SL0, Primary: False, Attached: True, Split: True, Split Padding: L=0, R=0, T=0, B=0, Bounds: X=-622, Y=-1080, W=1620, H=1080, WorkArea: X=-622, Y=-1080, W=1620, H=1078, RefreshRate: 60hz, ColourDepth: 32, ClonedWithBounds: X=0, Y=0, W=0, H=0, Driver: OEM, DPIScaleX: 1, DPIScaleY: 1, PixelDensityX: 81, PixelDensityY: 81, Orientation: Landscape)
• Position (Setting/Current): Bottom / Bottom
• Size: 23
• Auto-Hide: Enabled
• Button Width Max (Icons): 48
• Button Width Max (Text): 160
• Button Width Override: 0
• Button Icon Size Draw: 24
• Button Icon Size Extract: 32
• Button Height H: 40
• Button Height V: 46
• Button Gap Size: 2x0
• Button Grouping Setting: Automatic
• Button Grouping Current: True
• TopMost: True [TopMost [Mode: TopMostForce, 'ProcessMouseEnter']]
• Buttons: 1
• 0: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe' • Text: '2nd Taskbar Gone • Discussions • DisplayFusion by Binary Fortress Software and 2 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge' • Handles: 0x000402d2:AL:0x000402d2 • Exception: None • WindowPosition: {X=-622,Y=-1080,Width=1620,Height=1078} • ProgressState: TBPF_NOPROGRESS • ProgressPercent: 0 • Groupable: True [OK] • WindowAppID: 'MSEdge'
• Pinned: 0

What is more interesting is that if I reset the split for this monitor, the Taskbar returns to normal. If I recreate the split, the Taskbar on 3.2 disappears again. Removing the 302 from the registry and recreating the spit did not fix the issue. That means, there is another place this data is being stored at, that I cannot see or access.
In the registry, I delete the items under MonitorProfiles and all items under the Taskbars. Magically, I now have all the taskbars visible. Keith @BinaryFortress, can you confirm this is an OK fix for users? Can you come up with a better way to resolve this than blowing things away?
I had to uninstall everything, re-install everything (twice) and even then the issue persisted (but got worse).
I was finally able to get things to work correctly by using this option in the DisplayFusion Settings > Taskbar > Reset all Taskbars.
Luis P.
Feb 13, 2022 (modified Feb 13, 2022)  • #14
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