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3 monitor setup

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Mike Witt
1 discussion post
Is it possible to set GT 640 video card to display 1 main desktop screen clone the other 2. It will configure the monitors the same ect but have 2 monitors in front of me and a tv on the wall behind me, would like the customer to see what i design from the second monitor in front of me and cloned to the TV on the wall ( so i desktop 2 clone)
Jun 29, 2013  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
To be honest, I'm not 100% sure, as I don't have that card here to test with. You can check in the Windows Screen Resolution settings to see if it's available, by doing the following:
  • Right-click the desktop, choose Screen Resolution
  • Select one of the monitors that you want to clone
  • From the Multiple Displays drop-down, see if you can choose "Duplicate Desktop on 2 and 3" (or whatever your monitor IDs are)

Hope that helps!
Jul 2, 2013  • #2
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praneet chaudhry
3 discussion posts
Hi, I don't know if the OP got that 3 monitor setup working with his GT640. I am new here and I would just like to contribute that IT IS PERFECTLY POSSIBLE TO DO THAT. Especially with Displayfusion!! But there are some requirements.

I have a GT650 but also an Intel HD4000 on my laptop and I have two display outputs - one VGA and one HDMI. The VGA and the laptop inbuilt display are supported by the HD4000 and the GT650 supports the HDMI. I have connected a TV and an external monitor using the two connectors and displayfusion recognizes them perfectly and can set resolutions perfectly to fullHD for each of them.

Of course this depends on the display outputs max supported resolutions. For example in my setup, the Intel software sees only the inbuilt and external monitor and not the HDMI TV. The Nvidia control panel sees all 3 but thinks the max resolution for the external montor is 1280x720, which is not correct, so have to set up the monitor first using the Intel software and the HDMI TV later using the Nvidia CP. Once set up, displayfusion can be awesomely used to create various monitor configs with wallpapers etc etc... Works like a charm!!

The main requirement for 3 monitors from a laptop is that there should be a VGA and HDMI output which are supported by independent vid cards, maybe an IntelHD and a separate Nvidia/ATI.. still I think there are some machines that don't support this natively, even with the right drivers.
Jul 19, 2013  • #3
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