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[3.0.5] Windows 7 + Synergy

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I'm using Windows 7 (build 706 on one of my computers, and used Ultramon on Vista and earlier. Good program, but this one is just as good AND it works properly on Windows 7. Well, mostly.

First, I want to know if there will be any way to pin programs to this second task bar. I know this is quite a feature to implement, but it would be nice to start my programs on the bar that belongs to the screen I use them on, as you could imagine.

Second, this has been reported before, but you might have missed it: The text on Windows on the Task Bar isn't Bold, but regular style text.

Third, all the programs on the second task bar have a visual style as if they're on the foreground, which is peculiar, though there is a slight difference for the one that's actually on my foreground. It's slightly more grayish than the other windows.

Apart from those minor issues, I do have one major one. I use Synergy to make my laptop control my Desktop computer, which is useful because it allows me to save space on a keyboard. Unfortunately, it does mean that whatever Windows considers to be Administrator-level (UAC dialog boxes usually come up) it disables from being used with Synergy. This isn't a big problem, except for DF. I can't use my mouse on my Desktop (The mouse is hooked up to my laptop) to control the secondary Taskbar. I'm not sure if you can fix this, since it does mean giving up Administrator rights for the taskbar, but if you can, I'd like to know if it's possible. Using my laptop's keyboard is pretty neat, you know.

Thanks for reading this.
Jun 1, 2009  • #1
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Indeed, Windows 7 RC users are switching in droves. You'll find lots of ex-Ultramon users here.

As an ex-Synergy user myself, I'll just point out that KVMs are much cheaper these days than they used to be. I know it's not as convenient, but it's a heck of a lot less glitchy.

Other combinations include Remote Desktop (or X-over-SSH if you use Linux) and MaxiVista. Sometimes it's better to rethink the system than focus on a specific technical requirement.
Jun 2, 2009  • #2
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If you lower the security level for UAC to not do screen blanking, you should be able to click the alerts via synergy. It's the second level from the bottom.

The screen blanking is so that no programs can click the alert - it has to be a hardware keyboard. Of course, this means that other bad programs could click the alerts for you, but I have yet to see any malware that does that.
Jun 3, 2009  • #3
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I will be adding pinned applications in a future version, but not the next one. I'll probably wait until Windows 7 goes final, just to make sure nothing else major changes. For your second point, I'm working on the font rendering issues. There are some cosmetic differences between the DF taskbar and the Windows 7 taskbar, but they are very minor. I will work on perfecting the colours once Windows 7 goes final, as I'm sure it will change. As for Synergy, I'm not sure what I can do here. If it is running as an admin, or even on another desktop thanks to UAC, DisplayFusion can't touch it. You can try bugmenot's suggestion about lowering the UAC level, but other than that you might be stuck.
Jun 3, 2009  • #4
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Windows 7 includes the Remote Desktop client pre-installed and ready to use - it makes using another machine a lot easier than using Synergy, especially if you have multiple monitors....

Thus far I have not had any issues with the multi-monitor taskbar in place while using RDC - in fact, it makes for a neat effect having the real windows taskbar as well as the multimonitor taskbar overlayed on each other... makes for a neat effect....
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Jun 3, 2009  • #5
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