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Since upgrading to DisplayFusion generates lots of application popups that have "87" in the popup. This happens when I remote desktop into my PC. Closing DF closes the popups.

A popup is displayed every few seconds. The only option on the popup is "OK" I am running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit.
Apr 18, 2010  • #1
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Jon - I can conform this. It happened to me with 104 as well. Same OS W7 x64 Enterprise.
Apr 18, 2010  • #2
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
I have just released Beta 6, which should take care of this issue:

I knew that I was going to introduce some bugs with the newly re-written monitor detection code, but I'm sorry it has taken so many betas to get them ironed out. :)
Apr 18, 2010  • #3
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