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4 Bug Fixes and 9 Feature Requests. UPDATED: This post is no longer relevent.

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This post is no longer relevent as it has been revised on 3/24/09 (See 5 Requested Bug Fixes and 11 New Features (in DisplayFusion 3.0.2).

The following is with Windows Vista SP1, DisplayFusion 3.0.1, "Taskbars using Windows Visual Styles", and "All taskbars show all windows".

Bug Fixes:

1) When you right-click a window in the DisplayFusion taskbar (which is on the 2nd monitor), it maximizes (=pulls up) the window and only then opens the "right-click shortcut menu" (normally, right-clicking does not pull up the window).

2) There is "lag". In other words, a window that is opened or closed... will appear or dissappear from the windows taskbar instantly, whereas it takes the DisplayFusion task tray a few seconds to reflect this.

3) The DisplayFusion taskbar should accurately mirror the windows taskbar in that: when a window in the windows tasktray is "pressed in" or "regular(=not pressed in)", the DisplayFusion tasktbar should also show that window as pressed in.... It certainly should not show one window as pressed in when the windows taskbar does not-as it does now.

4) Being that Google Chrome puts the tabs in its title bar, when a user middleclicks on a tab (which would normally close the tab), DisplayFusion switches it to the next monitor. As such, make it an option in the DisplayFusion Settings for middle clicking to be ignored where there are tabs in the title bar, but for it to work where there are no tabs open. If the whole title bar is filled with tabs, then make an option that would allow a user to middleclick on the minimize & restore/maximize button, and have it switch to the other monitor (Currently, middleclicking on the minimize & restore/maximize buttons do nothing).

Feature Requests:

5) Instead of making a user dig into the registry to change the DisplayFusion taskbar height, make this an option in the DisplayFusion Settings.

6) Make a new option in the DisplayFusion Settings where if a user has selected the option "All taskbars show all windows" then they will have a second option in which: If the window is clicked on in the DisplayFusion taskbar, it will maximize on to the 2nd monitor even if it was previously on the first assuming the window was not visibly open on the first monitor, rather it was minimized). Similarly, if a window was previously on the DisplayFusion monitor (the one with the DisplayFusion taskbar) and a user clicks on the window in the windows tasktray, it should maximize to (=show on) the 1st monitor. Also, if a window is visibly open on monitor #1 and a user clicks the "window that is in the tasktray for it" to minimize it, then it should "minimize TO window #2 (See Feature Request #7).

7) When a window is minimized or maximized, have the window "minimize TO the DisplayFusion taskbar" if that window is on the 2nd monitor. It is quite strange to minimize a window that exists on the 2nd monitor and see it minimize "to the other screens taskbar".

Have the DisplayFusion taskbar show "Window previews" (A thumbnail-sized preview when you point to a taskbar button).

9) Add a choice to the right-click menu of the windows on all the taskbars to move the window to the other monitor.

10) Add an option that when one middleclicks on a window in all taskbars, that window switches to the other monitor (the same way it does when you middleclick on a window's title bar).

11) Have an option for the DisplayFusion taskbar to display (=mirror) the time (If the taskbar is double the normal size, it should also show the Day and 0/00/2009) just like the regular windows taskbar does.

12) Allow the DisplayFusion task tray to "fade out" when in Flip 3D, just like the windows taskbar does, instead of "disappearing" as it does now.

13) Allow a user to Auto-hide the DisplayFusion taskbar. This should be an option even if he did or did not choose to do so with the regular windows taskbar, as they may want to always see the taskbar on one monitor and not the other.

Thank You
Mar 17, 2009 (modified Jul 10, 2011)  • #1
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