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9.7.2 b6 Corrupt DLL error

Chris G1
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I am getting this message randomly pop up with an application I use to monitor system performance called Process Monitor. Essentially its an advanced version of Task Manager.

Interestingly, I can go days without it appearing and see no errors within DisplayFusion. I checked the DLL referenced and it appears to be valid as shows valid digital signatures.

I have asked Process Monitor to confirm it is not an issue / bug on their end.

Should I trust running the install again over the top?
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Mar 3, 2021 (modified Mar 3, 2021)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Chris,

If you open up the DisplayFusion settings window and head to the Compatibility tab, can you add in the application and check off "Disable Application Hooks" and see if the issue persists?

Mar 3, 2021  • #2
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