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A couple of ideas of possible features for the future...

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Perfect Chaos
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So there are two particular features that I would love to see added to DisplayFusion in the future.

The first one is one that I'm surprised isn't already a feature (as far as I'm aware). And that feature is to have an option in the "Compatibility" tab that allows for the Windows screensaver to be disabled as long as a certain program is running. This feature is already a staple in pretty much every video player, so it shouldn't be too hard to program, right? This would be great for games that don't already have the feature to auto-disable the screensaver, if one uses a UBS controller to play.

The second one would be a feature (probably under Compatibility as well) that tricks any selected program into thinking that a monitor other than your main display monitor to be your main monitor. There are quite a few programs and games that always open in fullscreen on the main display monitor, and DisplayFusion's Window Location doesn't do anything to these, since no matter what screen the window is in, it'll still fullscreen on the main display monitor. So if DisplayFusion can somehow "trick" the program into thinking that the desired monitor is the main display, then it'll fullscreen itself in that monitor.

PS: Looking back; both of these features help improve on games (among other programs), so a lot of gamers would probably like this... LOL
Jan 13, 2012  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Great suggestions! Unfortunately the second one isn't possible, but I've added the first one to our feature request list.

Jan 13, 2012  • #2
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