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First of all, thanks for a great software. I'm looking forward to make the taskbar extension to behave more like Windows 7 one does (sorting by dragging, similar preview). My feature request is also related to Window 7 and its feature to pin programs to taskbar.

So, I've been trying to figure out how to use taskbar extension in Windows 7. Currently I'm using quick launch and "all taskbars show relevant windows" mode with no pinned taskbar items. I thought I could use pinned items if there was a mode called something along lines of "all taskbars show relevant windows, and pinned items show all windows." In other words, the Windows taskbar would show the windows on the primary display and if there are pinned items, those would show the windows on the second monitor too, and the second monitor taskbar would only show the relevant windows. I hope you got what I'm trying to explain here. :P

I'm also asking for tips how other people have configured their taskbars in Windows 7? In XP this wasn't problem, because there was no ability to pin programs to taskbar, but in 7 there's such feature and I'd like to use it, because it's good IMO.

Mar 31, 2010  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
It sounds like you would like to have pinned applications on the DisplayFusion taskbars, and I can tell you that this feature is planned for version 3.2. :) Thanks!
Apr 6, 2010  • #2
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