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ALt+Tab in DP 10.1.2 on Windows 10 has a white border and the currently selected window's name is not displayed at the top.

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I've been trying to find a version of DisplayFusion that meets all of my expectations but so far, 9.9, 10 and 10.1.2 all have issues on Windows 10 21H2. I'll outline them below:

-No random crashing due to fullscreen apps/locking.
-Alt+Tab with no white border and the window title at the top (like 9.9).
-Unaffected start menu search speed.
-The same taskbar font as the Windows taskbar.

9.9 Issues:
-Randomly after locking the computer, entering an RDP session, and other unknown times. DP just crashes without an error. The secondary taskbars are gone and so is teh tray icon, it's just gone.
-When this crash happens it causes the start menu to fail to load app icons such as Discord, Parsec, RDP, etc, showing a generic Win10 app icon instead.

10.0 Issues:
-The taskbar font is slightly bolder than the standard Windows 10 taskbar. See attachment (screenshot taken on 10.1.2).
-The current taskbar item highlight at the bottom is darker than the standard one.
-Icon alignment is also off by a few pixels. (The width is not an issue as there is more space on the DP taskbar.)
-Serious: This one is strange. While I had 10.0 installed, search on the start menu would be normal after booting up. Slowly over time however, search would become less responsive. After an hour, maybe it would take half a second to start teh search when typing. Two hours, a full second or more. Eventually it would just stop working altogether and I would not be able to search at all. It's as if I wasn't typing. Downgrading to 9.9 resolved the start menu search issue entirely. So far on 10.1.2 I'm not seeing the issue but then again I've only had it installed for about 45 minutes.
-The Alt+Tab window was quite slow and often failed to focus on the window that was being switched to. Again 9.9 downgrade resolved this.

10.1.2 Issues:
-Taskbar font: see above.
-The Alt+Tab window while faster than 9.9 now has a white border around it of about 4 pixels. It also no longer has the icon and title of the selected window at the top. That was useful to read more of the window title since there's more space.
-So far start menu search seems fixed compared to 10.0 but only time will tell.
-Edit: Star menu search responsiveness in 10.1.2 is somehwat affected although the effect is minimized.

Finally, something that I hope can be eventually resolved by DisplayFusion. Bringing the Windows taskbar to the foreground on top of ALL borderless "fullscreen" windows when any of them loses focus. This has been a thorn in my side since "upgrading" from Windows 7.

I've been able to fix several Win10 issues but this one and not being able to sort jumplists remain broken Windows 10 behaviours. I even managed to fix drive and disc drive grouping in My Computer using OldNewExplorer 1.1.9.
• Attachment [protected]: dp_issues_taskbar_buttons.png [10,614 bytes]
• Attachment [protected]: dp_oldnewexplorer.png [78,896 bytes]
21 days ago (modified 19 days ago)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

1) We have some improvements for the taskbar font rendering in our next beta, but it won't match the Windows taskbar 100%

2) Could you send me a screenshot of the AltTab border? You can enable the text on each item via the DisplayFusion Settings > AltTab > Turn on "Show window text below each Alt+Tab item" and "Show window icons below each Alt+Tab item"

3) Could you send me a video of the start menu issue?

We don't support bringing the Windows taskbar in front, but if that's something we're able to add in the future we'll let you know.

16 days ago  • #2
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1) I wonder if you couldn't hook the same function that Explorer uses to render its text and use that to make it 100% the same?

2) I've attached a screenshot of the Alt+Tab border. It seems to appear when the Alt+Tab window gains focus because there's a split second window in which it doesn't have a border and then it appears. I know that I can display the names and icons under the thumbnails, I already have that turned on, but I'd also like to see the larger title up top like 9.9 had.

3) I'd have to reinstall 10.0 and wait several hours (like at least 12) to show this happening on video. It's a very simple issues to describe:
Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click Start, start typing the name of the program you want to launch, like just type a "W". At that moment the start menu remains on the screen and doesn't switch over to the search window for a good 3 to 5 seconds after which it finally switches. Typing more letters after that causes the search window to lock up for another 3 to 5 seconds until the letter finally appears "Wo" and Word is now the first result on the list. Even hitting enter after that to launch Word takes a few seconds to close the search window and start the program. The 3 to 5 second delay gets longer and longer over time until search just completely stops working. It's like the start menu just eats all the key presses and doesn't react to them at all, never switching to the search window.

Update: Still running 10.1.2, DP has suffered the same random exiting behaviour as 9.9. I unlocked my computer this morning and it was not running this point 10+ doesn't seem to provide any benefit because the only problem that 9.9 had was DP randomly exiting which is still happening...

• Attachment [protected]: dp_issues_alttab.png [231,595 bytes]
16 days ago  • #3
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Update 2: While the start menu search slow-down takes longer to happen on 10.1.2, it is still happening... After about a week the search delay is now at around 3 seconds. Restarting Windows Explorer resets the delay back to 0 but that's not a solution.
9 days ago  • #4
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