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App running in System Tray doesn't trigger Window Created

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I have a few different apps that always run in the background and that I access on occasion from the system tray. For each of these, I have triggers created to move their windows to a specific sizes and locations whenever their windows are created. The issue I have is that these specific apps launch exclusively in the background. I've noticed that if I have a DF trigger set to the condition of Window Created, it'll only trigger if the actual window is opened when the app is initially starting up.
I'll use my VoiceMeeter trigger as an example. I have VoiceMeeter configured to run at startup, but only in the background from the system tray. If I don't open the VoiceMeeter window while VoiceMeeter is still launching, then my Window Created DF trigger doesn't fire. It seems to only trigger once upon the launch of the app, and only if the app window is open at the same time that the app is launching. I tried using the Window Restored condition but that didn't trigger either.
This is confusing to me because technically the window doesn't exist when the app is only running from the system tray. Doesn't that mean that the trigger should fire every single time I open VoiceMeeter's window from the system tray? Is a window not being created that meets that trigger's criteria each time I open a window from the system tray?
Am I misunderstanding how these conditions work? Have I configured it wrong? Or am I encountering a bug?
I've attached a screenshot of my VoiceMeeter trigger config.
• Attachment [protected]: DF-window-created-trigger.png [28,883 bytes]
Oct 26, 2021  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

Apps that minimize/close a window from the system tray don't actually create/destroy the window each time, they just hide it. The window isn't considered minimized or restored either, it's set to not visible. You can try using the "Window Focused" event to see if it catches it.

These types of windows are tricky to deal with unfortunately :(
Oct 27, 2021  • #2
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