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Beginner Questions about Display Fusion Pro

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Recently got the Pro license as a WFH expense, quite eager to make use of this great program along with my curved ultrawide monitor (also a work expense).

I had some basic questions that I haven't been able to Google and could use the help:

1. Some windows/browsers won't let me resize them through mouse-dragging past a certain point: some examples include Netflix picture-in-picture, Twitter via Chrome browser, etc. Is there a way to "unlock" the restrictions so that I can resize each window into whatever crazy vertical/horizontal size I want?

2. Similarly, I wanted to know if there was a way I could crop out/hide parts of a window in order to fit even more things on my screen. Examples include the black horizontal borders of a Netflix movie, or the list of users in a Discord channel: I basically want to just shave off whatever unnecessary information that I can so that I can once again fit all my windows neatly like a Tetris piece.

3. I've been using the AlwaysonTop program in order to keep certain windows on display. This is handy for having multiple windows open at once, but the only pain is that there doesn't seem to be a "unsnap every window" option or "unsnap every window except the current one I want to open/focus on". I understand Display Fusion has its own always on top feature, but can it do either of these things?

I will likely have more as I play around with the program, but those are the most crucial questions I have.
Feb 17, 2022  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for checking out DisplayFusion!

1) It sounds like these are max width/height values being set by the app itself, unfortunately there isn't anything we can do here.

2) This isn't something DisplayFusion is capable of either.

3) I've added this to our feature request list. We don't guarantee that feature requests will be implemented, or offer timelines on possible implementation. We'll be sure to let you know if we do add it to our planned features in a future version.

Feb 23, 2022  • #2
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