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Best way to create second windows position profile using data from the first?

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So i get the "gist" of what I need to do, but i'm hoping there's a quick/easy breakdown of how to accomplish it with minimal manual muckery.
I have had my windows position profile put everything on my second monitor for a lot of years. Has worked out as my main monitor was reserved for gaming and I needed to be able to still use applications and such.
As i get older (probably unrelated but not really relevant) i seem to be developing some issues on my left side and i realize that even when not gaming, having my neck crinked perpetually to the right to work on my pc as opposed to straight ahead is pretty silly and probably not helpful.
I know where the windows position profiles are saved as ive modified them en masse in the past to good effect when changing monitors/scaling for example (i have hundreds of entries so its necessary).
in this case, I want to save a second profile to move everything to its equivalent position on my first monitor. a back and forth button so to speak.
I have two questions
1) would a second profile simply be saved as a second string with its own data under the same key?
2) whats the math/quick way to move these from one monitor to the other but in the same position? I'm using 4k displays with 150% scaling and for example, a lot of windows are set to X=3852, Y=72, W=1906, H=2014
I'd like to be able to use notepad++ for example to do a search and replace. I imagine the Y/W/H wont change at all. its the X I need to update. How do i find the exact X value but on the first/primary display right in front of me?
EDIT: figured out #2 more or less. it appears to count from 0 pixel wise so with a resolution of 3840x2160 3852 put me 12 pixels onto the second monitor. So 12 seems to be my X answer for the same spot on monitor 1.
as for the Y, it seems to count from the bottom and not take the taskbar into account of course. either way in this case it stays the same.
only question left is how its saved but its likely my assumption is correct in regards to #1 so i'd close or delete the post if i could, but i cant :P
Mar 4, 2022 (modified Mar 4, 2022)  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on

1) Yep, that's correct! This is the registry path they're saved under: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Binary Fortress Software\DisplayFusion\WindowPositionProfiles

Thanks for posting your findings! We'll leave this up in case any one else comes across it :)
Mar 4, 2022  • #2
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