BETA 15 still far too high CPU

Collin Chaffin
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I realized it's WIN7x64, but 9.9 is perfect and beta 15 albeit better than 14, still runs at average of constant 15% overall CPU.

I know everyone is dropping support for WIN7, but I'd love it if the issue could be narrowed down since 9.9 (and beta 13 and under) were normal CPU (average 5%).
I've been a DF customer for many years and always appreciate your support. Thanks!

P.S. Happy Easter!
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Apr 17, 2022 (modified Apr 17, 2022)  • #1
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Hi Collin,

We've had a few customers mention a spike between beta 11 and beta 12. Can you try those out and let me know if there's a difference between those two? I've attached links below.


Beta 12: https://www.binaryfortress.com/Data/Download/?DownloadID=16ad62ad-5e3c-404d-9f4a-8827dfd909a9&Log=0

Beta 11: https://www.binaryfortress.com/Data/Download/?DownloadID=1f7df05a-2bf6-48bd-8c3d-1f04eae404b6&Log=0
Apr 18, 2022  • #2
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