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BUG: Display Fusion 3.4.1 Beta 5 + MaxiVista

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First of all - THANKS!

For the first time ever I tried out MaxiVista. Was disappointed to see Display Fusion didn't work with it. Took a peek at the beta page and there it was - MaxiVista compatibility!

The problem I've noticed is that when I have the secondary PC in extended screen mode I cannot resize the DisplayFusion toolbar. It appears to be stuck at the size it was on the native machine when I upgraded display fusion to the 3.4.1 Beta 5.

In fact, I should clarify that I updated DisplayFusion to the latest beta on both the MaxiVista Primary PX and MaxiVista Secondary PC as I wasn't sure what was required for it to play nice and thought this would make it a sure thing.

So I can't tell if the inability to resize it is a challenge with the primary or secondary machine or some interplay between DisplayFusion being on both.

When I use the secondary pc in remote control mode or with Maxivista turned off, the windows toolbar resizes normally.

I noticed this because after the upgrade I tried to change the toolbar from triple height (3 rows of icons) to single height - when in maxivista secondary machine mode, the toolbar is still triple height.
Nov 30, 2011 (modified Nov 30, 2011)  • #1
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Sorry for the late response, just wanted to check with you, is this issue still present in 3.4.1 Beta 9?

Dec 8, 2011  • #2
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