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BugReport - Valorant game not launching with latest beta of Display Fusion Pro (17)

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DisplayFusion Pro 10.0 on Steam with latest beta version (Beta 17) prevents Valorant (Riot Games shooter game) from launching, but it was working with Beta 15-16.

Windows 11, 64 bit

Whenever you launch Valorant with Display Fusion Pro Beta working in background, it will end with just Black screen and then inevitably crash. If you completely close Display Fusion, game will start and work successfully. I tried to disable Display Fusion taskbar with Compatibility options (for example, disable Display Fusion Taskbar whenewer Valorant is launched) but it did not help.
18 days ago  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for letting us know. I was able to reproduce this on my end, so I've added it to our list to look into.

15 days ago  • #2
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