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Can I make start menu key always open on primary monitor?

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I couldn't find a setting for this. I find the start menu buggy when on the secondary monitor, mostly I use it as a finder anyway, I hit the start key and begin typing to launch apps. The start menu appears off the screen sometimes and often misses the first keystroke and is just generally buggy.

I'm not bothered about that, I'd just like to make it so it only works on my primary screen although I want the taskbar on both. Is this possible?
12 days ago  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
In the DisplayFusion Advanced Settings, you can set the "Windows Key Opens Secondary Start Menu" setting to "DisplayFusion Won't open it's Start Menus when the Window key is pressed", and it should do that for you.

Hope that helps!
12 days ago  • #2
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