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Can't get task bar to appear on two monitors

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3 discussion posts
I am on Windows 2000 with display fusion version 3.1.1. I used to be able to get the task bar to appear on two monitors. When downloading the most recent version of DF, and when going to settings and specify task bar on two monitors, nothing happens and the task bar appears only on one monitor?????
Sep 3, 2009  • #1
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Andrew M
37 discussion posts

Could you please copy and paste the troubleshooting information here? You'll find this when you right click on display fusion - go to settings - then go to the trouble shooting tab. You'll see a big textbox with a bunch of information - copy all that here.

Sep 4, 2009  • #2
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--- Machine ------------
Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4
Operating System Version: 5.0.2195.262144
Detected Version: Windows2000
CPU: x86
Date/Time (UTC): 09/09/2009 12:41:56
Date/Time (Local): 09/09/2009 08:41:56
.NET Framework: 2.0.50727.1433
CurrentCulture: English (United States) (en-US ~ en)
CurrentUICulture: English (United States) (en-US ~ en)

--- Wallpaper ------------
Wallpaper Span: True
Spanned Image: C:\Documents and Settings\BKroll\My Documents\My Pictures\My Home Pictures\2006 Pictures\Hawaii Pictures\haleakala1.JPG (Exists: True)
Windows Wallpaper: C:\Documents and Settings\BKroll\Application Data\DisplayFusion\Wallpaper_1.bmp (Exists: True)
Generated Wallpaper Folder: C:\Documents and Settings\BKroll\Application Data\DisplayFusion

--- DisplayFusion ------------
Name: DisplayFusion Pro v3.1.2
Build Date: Sep 03, 2009 22:06
Pro: True
Pro License: 101-QQMP-5C78-DSEH (truncated)
Command Line: "C:\Program Files\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusion.exe"
Current Folder: C:\
Performance Mode: False
Mouse Hooks: True
Application Hooks: True
System Hooks Pause FullScreen: False
Process Integrity Level: N/A

--- DisplayFusion x86 Hook DLL ------------
Path: C:\Program Files\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusionHookx86.dll
Name: DisplayFusion Hook
Prod Version: 1, 8, 0, 0
File Version: 1, 8, 0, 0
Size: 48,304 bytes

--- DisplayFusion x64 Hook DLL ------------
Path: C:\Program Files\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusionHookx64.dll
Name: DisplayFusion Hook
Prod Version: 1, 8, 0, 0
File Version: 1, 8, 0, 0
Size: 60,592 bytes

--- DisplayFusion x86 Hook Exe ------------
Path: C:\Program Files\DisplayFusion\DisplayFusionHookx86.exe
Name: DisplayFusion Hook x86
Prod Version: 1, 2, 0, 0
File Version: 1, 2, 0, 0
Size: 92,848 bytes

--- Monitor 1 (Primary:True ~ Real:True) ------------
Name: \\.\DISPLAY1
Bounds: {X=0,Y=0,Width=1280,Height=1024}
WorkArea: {X=0,Y=0,Width=1280,Height=971}

--- Monitor 2 (Primary:False ~ Real:True) ------------
Name: \\.\DISPLAY2
Bounds: {X=1280,Y=0,Width=1280,Height=1024}
WorkArea: {X=1280,Y=0,Width=1280,Height=1024}

--- Screens ------------
Count: 2
Point Min X: 0
Point Min Y: 0
Point Max X: 2560
Point Max Y: 1024
Total Width: 2560
Total Height: 1024
ActiveDesktop: True

--- Screen 1------------
ScreenID: 0
Device: \\.\DISPLAY1
Bounds: {X=0,Y=0,Width=1280,Height=1024}
MoveH: 0
MoveV: 0

--- Screen 2------------
ScreenID: 1
Device: \\.\DISPLAY2
Bounds: {X=1280,Y=0,Width=1280,Height=1024}
MoveH: 0
MoveV: 0

--- Managed Threads ------------
Count: 2
ID:4 ~ Name:HookManager ~ Age:00:04:55.0312500 ~ Alive:True ~ BG:True ~ State:Background ~ Thread Name:HookManager_029e2157-a3f9-4bf8-91a1-01ccd5eb2a6d
ID:5 ~ Name:HookManagerProcess ~ Age:00:04:54.9531250 ~ Alive:True ~ BG:True ~ State:Background ~ Thread Name:HookManagerProcess_26bafeb8-d6d4-40fa-be8e-43768084a513

--- Taskbars ------------
Enabled: True
Auto-hide: True
Visual Styles: False
Visual Styles Detected: False
DWM Composition Detected: False
Opacity: 100
Flash Blink: True
Window Options: WindowsShowsAll
Button Width Max: 160
Sizing Bar Size: 8
Full Screen: None

--- Taskbar Items ------------
"DisplayFusion Pro ~ Settings" (0001023a:0001023a:0001023a ~ None ~ {X=264,Y=236,Width=751,Height=498})
"Can't get task bar to appear on two monitors - Mozilla Firefox" (000201e6:000201e6:000201e6 ~ None ~ {X=0,Y=0,Width=1280,Height=971})
"Return Envelope Number 10.doc - Microsoft Word" (000400a6:000400a6:000400a6 ~ None ~ {X=-4,Y=-4,Width=1288,Height=979})

--- TitleBar Buttons ------------
Enabled: False
DisplayFusion Caption Button Size: {Width=18, Height=18}
System Caption Button Size: {Width=18, Height=18}
Sep 9, 2009  • #3
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
It looks like it's failing to create the Taskbars on startup. Can you enabled the "Debug.log" option on the Troubleshooting tab, and restart DisplayFusion? After the Taskbars fail to load again can you post the contents of that log here? Thanks!
Sep 9, 2009  • #4
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Hi Barry, thanks for being so patient. I was able to track down the issue and fix it in the 3.1.3 version. It will be released in the next couple of days. Thanks!
Sep 14, 2009  • #5
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3 discussion posts
Just wanted to reply and thank you for your help. When I downloaded the new version of software, I experienced only one task bar. After readjusting all of the setting and restarting - all is well and once again I do have a task bar on each moniter.
This is a great piece of software - keep up the good work.
Sep 16, 2009  • #6
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for following-up - I'm glad to hear it's working. :)
Sep 16, 2009  • #7
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