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Close Window script that would effect only one monitor.

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I noticed that there's only two main Close Window script available for download; Close Window based on which is selected, and Close All Windows. But I'm hoping to find a way to automatically close the window on my second screen (my TV I use for games) whether or not I have it selected.

I've had it happen where I press Num9 (my current Close Window hotkey) but it doesn't work on that game, or I didn't have that window selected. For me a best case scenario would be a hotkey that closes the top window- or all windows- limited to one monitor, while everything on my main display is unaffected.

I don't know much of anything about coding but if there's an easy way to edit an existing script, make a trigger, or something along those lines, I would love to know.
Feb 9, 2022  • #1
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