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Console to preview external monitors or mirror a split to ext. monitor

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Hi to all,
I love displayfusion to manage multiple monitors.

I would like to have a console to preview what is displayed on external monitors.
Let me explain...I connected two external monitors to my notebook (used as service monitors) and they are far from my workstation (and I can't see the screen).
What I would like to have, is to be able to see on my notebook the preview of what is displayed on external monitors for monitoring.
It must be only a preview, I don't need to interact with the ext monitors from console.

There is something like this on DisplayFusion?
If not, it is possible to mirror a split to an external monitor?

Thank you for the support
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)
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We do have a bit of a preview in the monitor configuration window. We also do have a function to mirror a split. You can find it in the "mirroring" section of the functions tab in Display Fusion Settings. You can toggle it as either a key combination, or a titlebar button. When used, it will mirror a split in an external window that you can drag to whichever monitor you would like.

Hope this helps!
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