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Define center "split" area

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I understand that it is not possible to define a "split" which is in the center of the screen and overlaps other splits, right?

The idea is that monitors today are too big when you just want to work/focus on a single window. If I could define a small area in the middle of the screen, I could drag and snap the window I would like to focus on in that area and have it in the center, right in front of me and in reasonable size, instead of it taking over my whole 27" 4K screen and me having to turn my head left and right to read content or to click on corner areas.

See the attached screenshot (red rectangle).

Does this make sense?
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I added a function to my windows that does this.
As you can see my windows now have 3 extra action icons
1=Center of monitor 50% of total width and full height
2=Left or Right of monitor, 25% of total width and full height

This works great for me. I can use those to stay centered or use the Win+Arrows to pin left side and right side if I only need two windows and want them to take up the whole screen.

Hope that helps, Conspander
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Thanks... it crossed my mind. I will do the same.
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I use an ultrawide vertically split in two and so I have the same need to sometimes focus a window in the center. I built this script for it which can be downloaded directly from displayfusion's settings:

There are some differences in the way that it works:
  • It's intended to be used with a single key combination to toggle between centered and original position (first time it's triggered it centers the window, second time it restores the window to it's original position)
  • It remembers the original position for each individual window on which it's triggered
  • By default it does not change the window's size, but by setting the targetWidth variable (line 18) to a fixed size, such as 1920, then the window is centered and resized to have 1920 width on it's view-able area, so that it's content matches that of a full-screen or border-less Full HD window (when triggered again, the window size is also changed back to the original size)

As a side note, as I frequently use custom functions, I prefer to disable Tray Icon notifications because it's very distracting and also gives a sensation of slowness when a function is executed. I wish it could be an option to disable it only for specific functions or triggers.

Hope it helps!
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