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Hi there,

I have configured two monitor profiles one for primary and one for secondary. I also have created a desktop icon profile. In my "Manage Monitor Profiles", I have set this desktop icon profile to both monitor profiles but after switching to my secondary monitor profile, the desktop icons are not showing on the secondary.

I thought I followed the Help guide correctly but it just wouldn't work?

Thanks for any help!
Mar 11, 2023  • #1
Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on
The desktop icon profile saves the current location of the icons, and moves them to that position when loaded. If you are using the same profile for each monitor profile, it will load them to the same spot. You'll want to create a second profile with the icons on your second monitor, and attach them to that monitor profile, and it should work.

Hope that helps!
Mar 13, 2023  • #2
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