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Desktop Icons on wrong "split"

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Andrew PC
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I am currently running 4 monitors. 1 Monitor on top and 3 monitors on bottom. The 3 monitors on bottom are using Eyefinity and also using a 3 split so it's three 1920x1080 (Well actually it's 1920 x 1076 but that's another issue I'm having where I can't get it to be 1920x1080).

I have displayfusion controlling my taskbars and I have a taskbar showing across the bottom of all 3 monitors (Because if I don't put a taskbar there it creates a blank space under windows). All I'm really trying to do is get my desktop icons to be on my middle bottom "screen/ split". Then I'll start trying to figure out the rest of the issues. I've attached a screenshot to hopefully help you understand what I'm wanting..
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Dec 31, 2019  • #1
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If you highlight them and drag them to the middle monitor, do they not move there? Or do they move there, and the move back at some point later?
Jan 2, 2020  • #2
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