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Detected profile issues due to windows sporading reseting "Bounds (real)"

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Juozis Puozis78452
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Hello. I have 3 displays and saved monitor profiles are not detected from time to time. When changing primary monitor, or disconnecting one of monitors and connecting it back again.
Uppon investigating information in troubleshooting tab I found out what is different, when this happens
Saved monitor profile value of monitor #1:
• Bounds (real): X=1920, Y=-490, W=2560, H=1440
Bounds real value when this issue occurs
• Bounds (real): X=1920, Y=0, W=2560, H=1440
So windows sometimes resets vertical display placement.
How I should overcome such issue? I would like, that every time these 3 displays are connected it should apply my saved profile (with Y=490, not that Y=0).
Edit: Case closed. I created some scripted function which which will prompt to choose monitor profile if it's not currently detected. Submited code to share with comunity.
Nov 16, 2021 (modified Nov 16, 2021)  • #1
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