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DF Incompatiblity with Shove-It

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Win7 Pro x64 w/2x 27" monitors

Running Shove-it from Phord Software set to automatically move Windows down (out from under taskbar) every half second and to shove windoids off of Active Window buttons. This handles a bug in Windows since Windows 95 where it will create a new window under the taskbar when it is at the top of the screen.

The DF TitleBar buttons keep moving left/right every half second with the Windoid setting enabled on all dialog boxes (like the Run dialog). On an Explorer window, they kept vanishing and reappearing.

Suggested fix - incorporate the Shove-it feature of shoving Windows out from under the taskbar, and of shoving windows back onto the screen when moved/created off the screen, but handle the middle of multiple monitors as not being an edge (or have an option). Make sure to include the Shove-it options of choosing which edges get shoved (I only do the top edge since I have my taskbar at the top, and since the left/right edge in between my monitors isn't handled properly).
Jan 7, 2010  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
I don't have a plan to implement a feature like this, sorry. However, You can easily use the DisplayFusion HotKey "Ctrl + Win + S" to move the window to the centre of the screen. You don't have to worry about the caption bar being covered, just make sure the window is focused and hot the HotKey combination. :)
Jan 12, 2010  • #2
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