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DF and Windows 10 v1909

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Just upgraded to Windows 10 v1909. Two things I've seen so far, using DF 9.7 Beta 10.

1. The DF Taskbar is translucent white with black text for the clock. The Windows taskbar is translucent dark blue gray with black text for the clock. Why aren't they the same color? The DF Taskbar Opacity is set to 100% - why is it translucent?

2. I changed the Windows taskbar icon size to small - the DF taskbar changed to match. I returned the Windows taskbar icon size to normal and the DF taskbar got taller, displaying tiny icons in the top of each block, then moved the tiny icons to the center of each block. They didn't get larger. I manually changed the size to 50 then back to automatic and it seems to have the correct icons now. Turning the DF taskbar off/on did not fix the color. Reset All Taskbars did not fix the color. How can I fix the color?

3. The DF taskbar clock font / size does not match the Windows taskbar clock font/size. Setting the Clock Text Size Advanced Settings causes the clock color to go to black instead of staying white. Setting the Clock Text Color to "White" or "white" doesn't change the color even after disable/enable All Taskbars.

4. Right-click the DF taskbar clock, then click outside the menu on another window closes the menu but does not remove the highlight from the clock box on the DF taskbar. The Windows taskbar removes the highlight when the right-click occurs and the menu appears.

5. Right-clicking the DF icon and disabling taskbars works. Right-clicking the DF icon and enabling taskbars when Clock Text Size is set causes the taskbar to be added, removed and then added again a second later. The same thing happens after returning Clock Text Size to default and cycling the taskbars.
Apr 28, 2020 (modified Apr 28, 2020)  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
  • Could you send me a screenshot of both taskbars? Also, are you running a third-party Start menu app like Classic Shell or Start10?
  • Does restarting DisplayFusion fix the taskbar icon size?
  • How far off is the font size for the clock? Could you attach a copy of your DF troubleshooting info?
  • I can reproduce the clock hover highlight thing and have added it to our list to fix up.
  • I can't reproduce this taskbar double-reload thing, can you still reproduce it after restarting DF?
Apr 28, 2020  • #2
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1a) Attached is a screen shot - left is Windows taskbar, right is DF taskbar. I think I fixed the color issue for DF Taskbar by overriding my Windows colors for desktop to not be translucent / a specific color.

1b) No special Start Menu programs used

2) I fixed the DF Taskbar icon size by setting a fixed size and then returning to Auto.

3) As can be seen, the DF Date is too low, the Date and Time are one pixel shorter and anti-aliased, making them seem thinner ad smaller on the display then the Windows date/time. DF Troubleshooting info attached. This is with my Advanced Clock Text settings to try to fix the clock better.

4) Thanks

5) I set the Clock Text Size to 10 and Applied. I Disabled/Enabled the DF Taskbar and I got a black time/date. Setting Clock Text Color to White did reset color, by why is default black when size is changed? The Windows taskbar still shows time and date in white on navy as screenshot shows. Setting the size to 16 matched the height but is still antialiased and in the wrong positions, but somewhat better.

Enabling the DF taskbar no longer seems to cause the double refresh in the latest beta. I see the other Windows move down, showing the wallpaper, but the titlebar buttons for all the windows are over the wallpaper strip, then the DF taskbar shows up and all the DF titlebar buttons move to their correct positions lower.
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May 28, 2020 (modified May 28, 2020)  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for the screenshot! That's pretty well expected. We worked on it for ages to try to get it to match the Windows clock as closely as possible, but that's the best we could do.

Regarding the clock colour issue when using the Advanced Setting for the size, that's a known issue on our list to fix up

May 28, 2020 (modified May 28, 2020)  • #4
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