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DF shortcut file for opening other files?

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Previous multi-monitor app I used with WinXP allowed me to save a shortcut with the multi-monitor config settings I wanted a file to be opened with.

Example: I have a certain PDF file that I want to open to the larger secondary display by default. This shortcut file was similar to setting up an ".rdp" file that lets you specify what parameters you want to use (compared to running the Remote Desktop Connection program and having to pick all the parameters each time).

Alternatively, if I wanted all windows in general to open in the same place on the same screen, there was a universal option in the program. It was similar to DF's new setting of selecting whether an app opens on display 1 or 2, but it also had the option of "last location", similar to how Windows is _supposed_ to work.

Example: I have shortcuts to certain folders on my QuickLaunch toolbar (I use Win7 but anyone who wants the WinXP/Vista-style QuickLaunch toolbar back, just Google it). I often open multiple folders and would like each one to take up half the screen, but even when I arrange them like that and close them, they don't open back up in the same spot.
Feb 28, 2011  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
It sounds like you would like to configure the Window Location settings per-file, not per-application, is this correct? If so, unfortunately this isn't possible in DisplayFusion right now without extra hooking that I am trying my hardest to avoid because of system-wide performance issues.
Apr 6, 2011  • #2
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Update - I like DisplayFusion again, now that I figured out Windows 7's rule for determining which monitor to open something on. (Fickle, I know, but it was very annoying, so posting here to keep people from blaming DF for Microsoft's squirrely behavior).

This works for shortcuts I have (like for a specific PDF I use daily) but may also work just for launching a program itself (like Excel):

The rule is Windows will open the app on whichever display it was last closed from WHEN IT WAS IN A NON-MAXIMIZED STATE.

Example: I want the PDF to open on my larger secondary display, so when I click the shortcut and it opens as maximized on my laptop's smaller primary display, I just click the 'restore-down' button (not to be confused with 'minimize'), move the window to the other display (I created a custom hotkey in DF for this: "Ctrl" and "~"), and then close the PDF.

Now I click the shortcut again and it opens on the larger secondary display but at whatever window size it was when I closed it, so I just maximize the window and close it again and it will then open on the larger secondary display in a maximized state.

FYI: This is very similar to Microsoft's logic for the window size when launching apps, especially multiple instances (like running separate Excel windows) or launching apps from links (like when clicking the mailto link in a web browser makes Outlook open, or when clicking a hyperlink in a PDF makes the web browser open). I like apps to use as much screen real-estate as possible, but I noticed that if I just use the maximize button, they'll often open at the default partial screen-size setting, but if I manually make them as large as possible without using the maximize button and then close them, they'll open next time at that nearly-maximized size.

The only thing I've found this doesn't work for is folder windows - I like to have two open side-by-side with each one taking half the screen (shortcut is Window key plus arrow key), but when reopening folders I have shortcuts for, Windows tries to cascade them by opening each one a little to the right of the previous one...

Edit: Even using the above trick I can't get Windows to handle opening a Remote Desktop shortcut on the larger secondary display that it's set to use full-screen on, but again, a Microsoft issue, not a DF issue.
Apr 26, 2011  • #3
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
Awesome, thanks for the update! Windows definitely handles the last window location in a weird way but you've described it perfectly.
Apr 26, 2011  • #4
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