Disable cache for video wallpapers

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I'm trying display a weather radar loop as wallpaper. For that I create a .gif (or .mp4) file and update it every minute, however DF seems to cache the files, so any changes I make to the file it doesn't update on wallpaper.

Is there a setting or work around the cache?
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Owen Muhlethaler (BFS)'s profile on WallpaperFusion.com
In the DisplayFusion Desktop Wallpaper Window > Wallpaper Settings, do you have "Remove unused temporary image files automatically" enabled?

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Yes, that option is enabled. I suspect this option only affects when filename of active wallpaper changes. In my case filename stays the same, only file content changes.
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So I've played around this and it seems DF scans folder only once:
Add a folder with a single file to the list, after DP showed the wallpaper from that directory, delete the file in that directory and add another file to that directory with different name. On next scheduled rotation, the wallpaper will not change.
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