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I've got 2 different monitors attached to a Windows 11 PC through a Thunderbolt 3/4/USB4 hub. The hub is attached to a Thunderbolt 3 add-in card, further attached to an Nvidia GPU. USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode is used to drive both displays. At random, one of these screens will be indexed as screen 1 and the other as screen 2. There isn't any ryhme or reason to this. The assignment is largely arbitrary and effectively permanent for the duration of the machine's up-time. Hot swapping displays does not alter this indexing. I'm using Display Fusion to manage the desktop wallpapers on these monitors.

6 months ago, the most recent versions of Windows & Display Fusion worked in such a way that I could set up a monitor profile that was unique for the screens being indexed one way or in the reverse order. I could then attach desktop wallpapers configurations to each monitor profile so that the correct desktop wallpapers would be displayed on each display regardless of the underlying indexing quirks. This system had some issues, but it mostly worked.

This entire setup landed up dissassembled for a while. It's back together and fully up to date as of now. However the previous monitor profiles no longer work and, when I tried to save over the old configurations with new ones, I found the system could no longer differentiate between the indexed and the reversed indexed monitor configurations. Making a profie with either of these auto-detects as both. However, The Display Fusion Desktop Wallpaper tools are still specific to each monitor configuration as before. So now my machine ocassionally starts with the desktop backgrounds swapped and I need to open the wallpaper settings and swap the screens manually in order to have the correct desktop wallpapers for each monitor. This is especially painful here as the monitors are both wildly different resolutions and wildly different spect ratios.

While restoring the previous functionality would be fine, it did have some problems. Specifically there were some infrequent cases where monitor profiles either failed to detect or otherwise failed to swap their assigned wallpapers automatically. A better solution would be to keep the monitor profiles as they are and change the wallpaper system so it can assign wallpapers to monitors based on device name or some other identifying trait(s) other than their arbitrarily assigned number.

Help greatly appreciated. Can provide any additional info upon request.
Nov 1, 2023  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
This is a known issue and we have a couple of ideas on how to improve it. I can't offer an ETA at the moment, but I've added your info to the open ticket so that we can follow-up with you when we've gotten it sorted out :)

Nov 1, 2023  • #2
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