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Hi guys at Binary Fortress Software, its my first post here. So first of all, thanks for a great program that made my monitors so cool :)

The reason I am posting is that I might have gotten a problem, software compatible problem. I have been running dual screens for quite some time now and recently, (1 day ago) I decided to go for different wallpapers on each monitor. As known, XP do not support this feature. So I google a little and found nice handy program called Display Fusion. Installed and it works like a dream.

But later on when I decided to watch a movie, something weird started to happen. CCCP and codecs that usually starts when I start Windows Media Player, starts in doubles. What ends in PC lockout for 30-40 seconds before second codec group quite out by it self and everything returns to normal. It does not happen every time, but 7 out of 10 times. Never happened before until I installed display fusion.

I am running Win XP Pro 64-bit, Radeon 3870, 4 GB ram, C2D E6600. Have all other drivers and windows up-to-date.

Just wanted to let you know, so if you have time you might see if there is anything possible to do. I also made a post on CCCP forums about this problem.

May 7, 2008  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
This is very strange. Did you have to install the .NET Framework 2.0 when you installed DisplayFusion, or did you already have it installed? Have you tried removing DisplayFusion to see if the issue still happens? I can't imagine how DisplayFusion could be causing the videos to open twice. Please let me know how you make out with this, I am very curious.
May 10, 2008  • #2
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