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:mrgreen: Peaty Greene on tha scene :mrgreen:

Hey Jon, I am just now coming out of XP. Student software from microsoft, $30 Vista Ultimate was too good for me to pass up. Yet it still took awhile for me to install it - I have had so much trouble with computers lately that they have officially knocked me back the the novice category. Any way, to the point...

I was stoked to be able to finally use dream scene - i know i know, I read a few of your forum topics and I am sure you are tired of this, but my two video cards told me I was shooting bricks and denied my attempts. I thought about Nview from Nvidia that I loved on XP, but apparently Nvidia doesn't want to deal with a Vista Nview. I don't want a lot, just a way to seperate my displays just to get dream scene on one monitor. Anyway, wine as I might, I really like the program you created, and I wish more software was the same as far as the marketing. I want some actual useful features in the trial version without pop ups reminding me to order ever hour. I am definitely about to check out any other software you have made. As far as Display Fusion is concerned it would be worth twice the asking price for the "pro version" if I could only have dreamscene on my main monitor. I will keep checking in hopes that I can thicken your wallet over this issue.

Sorry, I noticed the poll ability, and I just had to try to persuade your free time to meet my goals.
Anyone who will purchase the Pro version if it supported Dreamscape and dual display adapters please hit the poll above this post.

Mar 8, 2009  • #1
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Thanks for the positive feedback, and no need to apologize for the poll - the option is there for anyone to use. :) DreamScene support is something I have on my list, but it's not something I am planning to work on in the immediate future. My goals for the short-term are to enhance Windows 7 support, fix some nagging bugs, add auto-hiding and more customizing options.
Mar 9, 2009  • #2
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