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display fusion

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3 discussion posts
I have installed Display Fusion 2.1.1 on my Puter running
Windows Vista Business.
If I click on the Icon nothing happens and if I click on the
Icon the 2nd time it tells me that a version of Display
Fusion is already running and I have to reboot to get
out of it.
Thanks for any help
Aug 19, 2008  • #1
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I have no idea if this is a correct answer; it is, at best, a guess: I've also just recently begun using DisplayFusion. I've noticed that, once I click the icon in the tray, the amount of time that passes before the DisplayFusion controls OPEN is inordinately long, as compared with most other apps. At least once, I clicked it a second time, thinking I'd "missed it" the first time ... then I got the same message YOU did ... it was open from the first click, and the second click confused it. Or something. Anyway, try either (a) waiting longer than you'd normally expect for the program to open, OR (b) RIGHT-clicking, and choosing to open it by choosing it on this context menu.

Good luck...
Aug 20, 2008  • #2
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Kevin F.
450 discussion posts
Whilethat may be true, the more common issue is that there is an instance that is floating in your processes that will not respond. If the aforementioned does not work, Press ctrl+alt+del and find the displayfusion process, close it, and restart the program.
Aug 25, 2008  • #3
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3 discussion posts
Display Fusion is an absolute disaster for me.
I am running Windows Business with sp1.
The 2.0 is for anything before Vista.
I have no idea if I have or how to find out if I have Microsoft
.net on my Puter.
As soon as I click on Display Fusion I get a display with
extremely large goodies. I have to reboot to get back to normal.
I am able to put a solid color background on my 19" monitor.
Not able to put a background on my 17" crt.

Some of the windows from Display funsion are so large they
lop off apply, ok and close boxes and you know what kind of problems
that will cause.
Aug 28, 2008  • #4
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3 discussion posts
More info. framework 3.5 is now on my Puter.
I have a 19" flat panel and a 17" trinitron crt.
Running Windows Vista Business sp1
Both monitors are configured.
When Display Fusion is activated the resolution goes
beserk. The screen blows up to where only about 1 third
of a page is showing. Have to power down to get my regular
desktop. End result, can't use Display Fusion as it now exists.
Aug 29, 2008  • #5
Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
Phenix: DisplayFusion does have issues running at 800x600 and I'm looking into those for v2.3. If you are running Vista you don't need to download v2.0 of the framework, I have also made a note of this on the download page now. DisplayFusion v2.2 is also smarter at detecting if another version is running and allowing you to kill it and start the new instance.
Nov 5, 2008  • #6
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