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DisplayFusion 10.0 Beta 7 Now Available!

We're very excited to announce that DisplayFusion 10.0 Beta 7 is now available for download! This version fixes a bunch of minor issues and has some more visual tweaks for Windows 11.

DisplayFusion 10.0 Beta 7 Highlights

  • Change: Added a run as administrator option to pinned taskbar buttons
  • Fix: Scripted Functions that open dialog windows now force the dialog to have focus when launched from the command line
  • Fix: Taskbar clock is no longer cut off in some scaling setups
  • Fix: Clock tooltip now closes correctly on hover
  • Fix: Start menu now closes correctly on second click of Start button
  • Fix: Wallpaper source name now updates correctly when changing source
  • Fix: Right-click menus no longer lose highlight when opening sub-menus
  • Fix: System tray and clock are now the correct size when the Shortcut Width advanced setting is enabled
  • Fix: TitleBar Buttons now show up on MusicMaker windows
  • Fix: DesktopWindowXamlSource no longer shows up in Alt+Tab window
  • Fix: Special K Injection Frontend now shows up in Alt+Tab
  • Fix: Clock text on Korean Windows 10 improved
  • Fix: TitleBar Buttons no longer stay on the screen when minimizing a Groupy window
  • Fix: MobaXterm now shows up on the DisplayFusion taskbar
  • Fix: Window Snapping now works correctly when maximized dragging is enabled and Shift is held
  • Fix: Chrome pinned app taskbar button now combines with running button

Updating DisplayFusion

We encourage everyone to update to this new version today to take advantage of these improvements. If you've already purchased DisplayFusion, it's a lifetime license, so you can upgrade to this version at no cost! If you would like to see a complete list of all the changes, please visit the DisplayFusion Beta Change Log.

Nov 5, 2021  • #1
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