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DisplayFusion 3.1 Beta 15 (v3.0.115)

Jon Tackabury (BFS)'s profile on
[size=3]Beta 15 (Aug 25, 2009)[/size]
- Fixed accented letters in the language files
- All core languages are now included in the installation
- Troubleshooting tab now lists the process integrity level correctly
- Troubleshooting tab doesn't incorrectly list processes as x64 in WinXP x86 anymore
- Better support for having more than 1 fullscreen application running

[size=3]Beta 14 (Aug 24, 2009)[/size]
- Reworked the taskbar button focus/minimize code to hopefully fix the black box issues in Win7 (Windows Live Messenger)
- Better Excel taskbar button minimize/restore compatibility
- Made changes to the Windows taskbar button deletion code to hopefully fix the disappearing taskbar items issue

[size=3]Beta 13 (Aug 22, 2009)[/size]
- Hung applications don't show duplicate items on the taskbar
- "SQLLite Maestro" shows up correctly on the taskbar now
- Windows 7 wallpaper transitions now always work
- Includes English, French, Spanish and Chinese languages

[size=3]Beta 12 (Aug 18, 2009)[/size]
- Taskbar mouse hover now looks correct with vertical taskbars in Windows 7
- English language file was messed up (all windows have the "VladStudio" title)
- Made some more changes to try and fix the "MS chat windows are black" bug
- The completed Chinese translation is now included (ZH-CN)

[size=3]Beta 11 (Aug 15, 2009)[/size]
- Changed the way DisplayFusion communicates with windows when left-clicking a taskbar item
- Better compatibility with Excel and taskbar text updates
- Better compatibility with Excel and taskbar button/window focusing
- Won't allow you to use the TitleBar Buttons without selecting a background image

[size=3]Beta 10 (Aug 12, 2009)[/size]
- Taskbars now update more quickly again
- Fixed an obscure FIPS encryption bug
- Dragging a taskbar button around no longer restores the window
- Text anti-aliasing is improved (more readable and faster) in Windows 7 taskbar button rendering
- Dragging an item to a hidden taskbar now restores it

[size=3]Beta 9 (July 29, 2009)[/size]
- Taskbar in Windows 7 now has a fancier mouse-hover effect (tracks the mouse movement like the Windows 7 taskbar)
- Clicking the TitleBar Buttons will no longer cause the attached window to lose focus (looks much cleaner)
- Added an "Apply" button to the Settings window (Needs a lot of testing!)
- All HotKeys now have a corresponding TitleBar Button image to use
- Taskbar drag/drop now works in Vista and Windows 7
- Taskbar buttons now appear "pressed" when a window's child window has focus

[size=3]Beta 8 (July 20, 2009)[/size]
- More hook changes to prevent multiple hook exe files - please report ANY instances where multiple hook exe files appear
- Added a "Paste from Clipboard" button in the License Key tab in the Settings window
- If you have never used the TitleBar Buttons feature before (first run upgrading from 3.0.6) it will add a "Move to Next Monitor" button automatically
- TitleBar Button editor now auto-selects the correct image based on your HotKey selection
- Added a "Toggle HotKeys" hotkey by default (can be used with the TitleBar Buttons)

[size=3]Beta 7 (July 19, 2009)[/size]
- The extra hook process in x64 Windows should now be killed properly - please let me know if you EVER see any duplicates
- TitleBar Buttons don't disappear anymore in Windows 7, when the Windows Taskbar is at the top and set to autohide
- DF Taskbars shouldn't popup in-front of full-screen windows randomly anymore when using 3 or more monitors (Tim Gaunt, this should cover your situation with IE as well)
- Installer is now 100% translated, with the new .NET Framework strings in place
- The taskbars no longer run as owned windows of a master hidden window. This is a technicalilty, and a behind-the-scenes thing, but if you run into any strange taskbar issues (like it not closing properly, duplicating itself... whatever) please let me know ASAP.

[size=3]Beta 6 (July 16, 2009)[/size]
- Window snapping has been re-written to no longer use the mouse hook (better performance)
- If it is your first time running the new version it will auto-detect the correct TitleBar Button background image
- Added an option to enable/disable the text on the taskbar buttons (no longer need to manually edit the registry key) - this uses a NEW KEY NAME and your old setting won't be saved - you'll need to configure it in the Settings window. :)
- Hopefully the titlebar buttons won't disappear when a window is maximized in Vista x64 (unable to reproduce here) :(

[size=3]Beta 5 (July 14, 2009)[/size]
- New option to run DisplayFusion as a high priority process (minimizes mouse lag in high CPU situations)
- New option to have the taskbar appear on top of full screen applications when the application isn't focused
- No more arrow image on the minimized window icon (taskbar preview)

[size=3]Beta 4 (July 9, 2009)[/size]
- All-new taskbar button rendering code which should eliminate all taskbar button rendering problems (I'm hopeful about this change)
- New minimized preview image in Windows XP shows the application's icon
- Image lists in the Settings window now don't show the file extensions anymore (looks cleaner)

[size=3]Beta 3 (July 8, 2009)[/size]
- TitleBar Buttons should be lag free in both 32 & 64 bit versions of Windows
- Added 2 settings to the Troubleshooting tab to toggle the system hooks - no more fiddling in the registry
- Added more logging to try and track down the cause of the missing taskbar buttons in XP
- HotKeys now have a "hover" and "pressed" image as well, so it looks a bit more native
- 2 new default HotKeys: Toggle Taskbar and Toggle TitleBar Buttons - they aren't assigned a key by default, but you can do that yourself if you need that functionality
- All the TitleBar Button icons and backgrounds are 100% done, I am not changing the graphics anymore :)

[size=3]Beta 2 (July 5, 2009)[/size]
- You can now re-order the titlebar buttons
- All of the titlebar buttons images (background and icons) are done and fully support Aero rendering (thanks Chris Ysebert!)
- Windows 7 blurry font issue has been resolved
- Dozen's of smaller fixes based on feedback in the forums

[size=3]Beta 1 (June 23, 2009)[/size]
- First beta release

The public change log doesn't include all the changes from beta to beta, but it should include everything that has changed from the last public release to the current beta:

You can download the latest beta from here:

I would encourage everyone to submit ANY feedback they have (good or bad). I would love to know what version of Windows you have it running in. Custom themes? Strange software? Anything! I like hearing success stories as much as bug reports. :) Please create a new topic to report anything, or if you have any questions, and please reference the version number you are having issues with.

Happy testing!
Jul 21, 2009  • #1
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