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DisplayFusion 9.2 Now Available!

We're very excited to announce that DisplayFusion 9.2 is now available for download! We've overhauled the Monitor Configuration behind-the-scenes code, added a Window Position Profiles feature, and fixed up a few bugs caused by the Windows 10 April 2018 (1803) update!

Important Notes!

  • Although your existing Monitor Profiles should still load correctly, it's recommended that you create new Monitor Profiles using DisplayFusion 9.2 as we're saving a few extra settings with the new Monitor Configuration code.
  • The first time you open the Settings > Screen Saver tab after installing 9.2, it will be very slow to open, due to Windows Defender locking the .scr files for a long time during the initial scan.

DisplayFusion 9.2 Highlights

  • New Window Position Profiles feature
  • Taskbar no longer sits on top of the Windows 10 lock screen
  • Removed more reserved hotkey combinations from Windows 10
  • Added a "Delay Match" for Trigger rules, to allow processes to start up, open windows, set window titles... etc before trying to match
  • Cloned monitor profiles are now detected properly as 'current'
  • Monitor Profiles now able to load correctly in more complex setups
  • Start menu no longer shrinks each time it's opened in Windows 10 on multi-DPI machines
  • Firefox 57+ now maximizes to split monitors correctly
  • Custom Functions now support up to 2 decimal places for percents (33.33% instead of 33%)
  • Discord compatibility fixes
  • Maximizing a window to splits no longer sends 2 clicks sometimes
  • Task View now works correctly with Windows 10 1803 and DisplayFusion
  • 500px has been removed as a wallpaper source, they are closing their API
  • Window Position Save/Load function fixes
  • 47 languages bundled (if you'd like to help translate DisplayFusion into your language, please contact us)
  • Many other performance, stability, and bug fixes

Updating DisplayFusion

We encourage everyone to update to this new version today to take advantage of these improvements. If you've already purchased DisplayFusion, it's a lifetime license, so you can upgrade to this version at no cost! If you would like to see a complete list of all the changes, please visit the DisplayFusion Change Log. We'd like to send out a big thanks to the dozens of people who helped with the DisplayFusion translations, and the thousands of people that helped test the Beta versions. Thanks everyone!

DisplayFusion 9.2 Screenshots

Monitor Fading
Monitor Fading
Window Position Profiles
Window Position Profiles
Monitor Configuration
Monitor Configuration
May 23, 2018  • #1
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120 discussion posts
May 23, 2018  • #2
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
May 23, 2018  • #3
Carey Sundberg's profile on

We may need some clarification of the statements made for Monitor Profiles.

The changelog says:

"Note: Monitor Profiles have been overhauled, it's recommended that you load and re-save your existing profiles to upgrade them to the new format"

The announcement above says:

Important Notes!
Although your existing Monitor Profiles should still load correctly, it's recommended that you create new Monitor Profiles using DisplayFusion 9.2 as we're saving a few extra settings with the new Monitor Configuration code.

Should we load and re-save, or should we ditch and start over from scratch?

What should a mobile/office user do that has configurations for different situations in different locales? These can't all be done in one sitting, or can they?
May 23, 2018 (modified May 23, 2018)  • #4
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
In theory you should be able to load your existing profiles, then overwrite them, or save them as new ones. In some cases the existing profiles may not load, so you'd need to manually configure the monitors and then save the profiles again.

You're correct that you'd need to be connected to the monitors involved in the profile in order to update it with the new settings.

Definitely let me know if you have any further questions.

May 24, 2018  • #5
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8 discussion posts
Hi Keith,

I've updated from 9.2 beta 3 to 9.2 and I *think* I might have found an odd bug (but still doing some testing) - something to do with mouse events being ignored if I click outside of an active application until I alt-tab to something else.

Should I post further details in this thread, or make a new discussion post?
May 24, 2018  • #6
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
A new thread would be great, thanks!
May 24, 2018  • #7
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1 discussion post
Only 1 monitor is appearing using nVidia hardware with two 3 displays on two cards, only diplaying one monitor.
May 25, 2018  • #8
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
This actually should be fixed in 9.2.2 which we just released today. Could you do a "Check for Updates" on the Settings > Options tab, and let us know if you still have issues after updating to 9.2.2?

May 26, 2018  • #9
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