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DisplayFusion 9.7.0 Beta 11 Now Available!

We're very excited to announce that DisplayFusion 9.7.0 Beta 11 is now available for download! This version fixes a ton of issues, and improves performance and reliability with Window Snapping, Functions, and any other features that move windows.

Important Notes!

  • The first time you open the Settings > Screen Saver tab after installing this version, it will be very slow to open, due to Windows Defender locking the .scr files for a long time during the initial scan.
  • If the auto-updater fails to run, please try disabling your anti-virus before running the updater.
  • This beta updates some values in Window Position Profiles. It will automatically backup the settings before doing so, and if you run into any trouble, please let us know.

DisplayFusion 9.7.0 Beta 11 Highlights

  • Change: Scripted Function engine improvements
  • Fix: Error 87 in Monitor Configuration should be now fixed for most systems
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where some monitors were not being detected
  • Fix: Resolved many issues with window positioning when using Functions
  • Fix: Filter box for Window Position Profiles is now in the correct spot at 150% scaling
  • Fix: Resolved a monitor order issue
  • Fix: Resolved some issues with window moving/sizing after Window Snapping the window
  • Fix: Windows no longer have gaps around the edges when using Functions or monitor splitting on multi-DPI systems
  • Fix: Window Position Profile values are now consistent with Triggers and Custom Functions when saving, DF will auto-adjust existing profiles
  • Fix: No longer tries to hook Norton Security
  • Fix: Pinned taskbar button highlight no longer stays on the button after mouse leave
  • Fix: Resolved a micro-stutter issue that was happening approximately every 5 seconds on some systems
  • Fix: Taskbar icons for UWP apps are now correct in the latest Windows Insider build
  • Fix: Windows 10 Task View no longer hangs when DisplayFusion is running
  • Fix: Monitor overlay no longer shows when dragging windows that can't be maximized
  • Fix: Restore Window Positions from Last Save function now remembers windows that are maximized to the full monitor in splitting setups
  • Fix: TitleBar Buttons now correctly hide behind context menus on setups that had many TitleBar Buttons enabled
  • Fix: Desktop window gets refreshed after loading a Monitor Profile now to resolve any weirdness with desktop icons
  • Fix: Drop-down menus on websites in Chrome no longer get moved by Trigger rules

Updating DisplayFusion

We encourage everyone to update to this new version today to take advantage of these improvements. If you've already purchased DisplayFusion, it's a lifetime license, so you can upgrade to this version at no cost! If you would like to see a complete list of all the changes, please visit the DisplayFusion Beta Change Log.

May 7, 2020 (modified May 8, 2020)  • #1
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